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    Solved In what folder is this file saved to?

    I bring up the file Save As dialogue box as shown below for a Notepad txt file. I name it and click Save. But it is no where to be found. Where exactly is the Folder called Libraries located?
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    Modern Mail App-Redundant files?

    Wondering allowed? A simple question. What could possibly be the reason for such redundancy? 15 copies of the same document, in the same folder...
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    Password request frequency is slightly alarming

    As of late , after awaking from sleep mode, the Action Center is requesting me to re-enter my password. I am clueless as to why this is happening. The only change is that I cancelled my MS Office 365 [P6] subscription. Maybe the unlinking? of [[email protected]] from...
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    Skype-Modern App

    Skype-Modern App Ok, I'm using the Modern Skype app and I want to change my picture. So I click on my user pic and I am taken to My Pictures folder. But I don't wanna be there, so I "Go Up" to the Users Folder and click/open Play. But I do not see App Data listed. What I would like to...
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    Drawback [The Game]

    Dell is sending a tech to replace my one day old laptop display. But I think it shall be for naught. If you do not own a Win 8 PC/Tablet Touch device, stop reading now. My 'Personal Best' for swipe in from left and then drawback to display running apps and the Start Screen icon is 3 out...
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    Kudos to EIGHTFORUMS!

    Went to Dell Tech Support Chat, as my laptop is due for DELLivery tommorrow. I just KNEW I was going to be denied my request for OEM/System Builder/OS ONLY installation media. I was WRONG. It is being mailed by Fed-Ex next day. WOW But the reason for this post is pasted below. They didn't...
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    Solved Removing 'network' entity

    "Honey, the printer don't work again!" Sigh... Ok, I have one box with two hard drives. At startup a boot menu opens and I choose whether to boot into Win8 or Win7. Win7's 'name' is PLAY-PC Win8's 'name' is/was HOMECOMPUTER What was happening is that at times I was logged onto the wrong...
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    Boot Screen Quandry?

    Step One: Imaged Windows 7 from HD1 Step Two: Restore Windows 7 to HD2 Step Three: Overtime,install Dev/Consumers/Preview/Enterprise Eval to a 117 gig partition on HD1 Step Four: Downgrade Enterprise Eval to Windows 8 Pro. Step Five: Post tutorial on how to downgrade on Answers...
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    WYSIWYG? Sigh...I hope not!

    Ok I am trying to get used to Metro Mail. But to me, it seems that the reading pane is more like a preview pane. I have to scroll to see all the text and I don't think I'll ever get used to that. Is there a 'switch?' or something I am missing that would close the Account Column and the Listed...
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    Solved Today's Post Link Missing?

    Move or delete this post as you deem. I cannot find a Eight Forum with the title Site Specific Questions, so I am placing this question here. The link to Search Results - Windows 8 Forums [Today's Post] goes missing when one logs onto the site. Or at least that is the case for me. So...
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    Bootsect Command Needed?

    As shown in the screen capture of Explorer, Win 8, Win 7 and WinDev roots have a glaring difference. I ran Easy BCD and removed Developers Preview as a boot option and kept my fingers crossed and then rebooted. I booted into Win 7 and it worked just fine. BUT, I am fearful that if I clear the...
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    Location of Start Screen Backgrounds?

    Where are the different colored Start Screen background styles located? Switching from Metro to Desktop might be a bit less jarring if the backgrounds were the same. But I've yet to find their location. They may have a UI extension and would open with Immersive Control Panel, similar to when...
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    Office 365 Admin Domain problems

    Not ready for prime time :) Maybe by final release they will have the Office 365 connectivity thing sorted out. But for now, NEVER use an Office365 email account as your Windows 8 sign in as I did :( An Office 365 account has this domain characteristic....you[at]you.onmicrosoft.com. When...
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    Solved Renewng a valid activated license.

    I have a single Home Computer with a valid activated license. This Win 8 Enterprise license expires on 12/9/2012. So I call Microsoft on 12/8/2012, and ask to renew the license. There response is....??????????????????? Any ideas out there? Thanks Windunce
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    Upgrade [NOT?]

    Just looking for opinions prior to the Release of Windows 8 Professsional [2 weeks out] No dual booting. [E-Machine has F12/Choose boot device startup option.] What I'd like. A 'clean' install of Windows 8 on HD 2 My Windows 7 image placed onto HD1 Current config... HD1 - No partitions...
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    Solved Password requirement upon awakening the computer....problem

    In "Power Options/System Settings" I've set/checked "Don't require a password." Yet after it is awaken with a mouse move or keyboard click it takes me to the Log-On Screen where I once again have to enter my password. An aside...I am using Office 365 and my MS Account is one of those...
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    Solved MONEY SUNSET - I have a ??????????????????????

    I installed Microsoft Money Sunset and it works just fine in Windows 8 CP. But when I first initialized/ran the application a VERY strange screen appeared. Did anyone else notice this anomaly after installation? Does anyone know WHY there were all those question marks?
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    Solved Site:Fav Icon/Color?

    Weeks ago I pinned my first websites using the Push Pin while browsing with IE10-Metro. I pinned "Google" and "Eight Forums" I was greeted with a bland colored tile with an off white "e" as an icon for those sites. Somewhat of a non-"START"er Nothing to differentiate one site from the...
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    Where is the shortcut location for pinned Metro Web Pages?

    When using IE10 Metro one can click on the Push Pin and a link to the web page you are on is placed onto the Start Screen. Where on the hard drive is that shortcut located? I found where those links reside. c:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\RoamingTiles\12829268000.lnk...
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    White X in Red Square??? Close enough for starters?

    Proof of Concept. For those who think dragging is a drag. Microsoft itself may agree with you, as noted in this screen capture. Case 'closed'?