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    Solved Windows 8.0 goes out of support in 1 month (12 Jan 2016)

    I thought it might be a helpful time to remind any remaining users of Windows 8 (as opposed to 8.1) that it goes out of support in a month's time, on 12th January 2016. From here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/gp/lifecycle-windows81-faq I know that there were some changes in the...
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    How do I save drivers from a Windows 8.1 tablet?

    I've mentioned over in this thread that I bought a Windows 8.1 (with Bing) tablet, called a Tesco Connect, from UK supermarket Tesco. The main problem is that support is non-existent. :( So if I want to download drivers, there's no 'Manufacturer's website' (at least not for the tablet) to...
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    Solved Tesco Connect Tablet - First Impressions

    I bought a cheap Windows 8.1 tablet just after Christmas, called a Tesco Connect, and I've finally got round to setting it up, so I thought I'd post some thoughts on my first impressions. What is it? It's a 7 inch tablet, running Windows 8.1 with Bing (32 bit). It has an Intel Atom (Z3735G)...
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    The Mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt

    More info here: True mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt disk encryption software | Naked Security I know TrueCrypt was never officially supported on Windows 8 but I'm sure some folks on here use it... if so it may be time to stop. Seems like a shame though. :( Edit: I also note...
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    Windows 8.0 upgrade options to 8.1 after April 8th

    I've not been around much lately so apologies if I missed a discussion on this elsewhere. I noticed this small sentence in the Windows Blog post announcing Windows 8.1 Update 1 Windows blog link I'm guessing this means the following? The option in the Windows 8 Store to upgrade to 8.1...
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    Running without Admin rights to mitigate vulnerabilities

    Link to ZDNet story: Admin rights key to mitigating vulnerabilities, study shows | ZDNet I was interested to see this, because I set up 2 accounts on my home laptop in the days of XP, one with Admin rights (but which I only use to install stuff or run Backups) and one non-Admin account that...
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    Microsoft: Help your friends and family get off Windows XP

    From the Microsoft Windows blog: The blog article is here: Help your friends and family get off Windows XP The page mentioned, basically a FAQ page, is here Support is ending for Windows XP - Microsoft Windows and there's even a Tutorial on how to upgrade a computer from Vista/XP to...
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    Solved Adobe issues critical Flash Player update (4th Feb 2014)

    More info here: http://www.eightforums.com/windows-8-news/40418-update-vulnerabilities-adobe-flash-player-ie.html I just went into Windows Update and the version for IE within Windows 8 is available already (at least where I am).
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    Solved Boot recovery CDs with UEFI: Free Macrium Reflect vs Aomei

    I'm just been playing with free backup tools; Macrium Reflect and Aomei Backupper, and working out which works best for me for those times when you need to boot from a Recovery CD. I'm posting in case it helps someone else. I've been using a Toshiba PC which has 64-bit Windows 8...
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    3TB disk with MBR Partition - is this possible?

    I read something on another thread about the 2TB size limit with MBR disks... which made me think about the 3TB external USB Backup disk I bought last week. I'm using 32-bit Windows 8 (on an old laptop, so no possibility it is anything other than BIOS) and Windows 8 is reporting that the...
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    Microsoft to buy Nokia's Devices and Services unit

    Microsoft to buy Nokia's devices, services unit for $7.2B | ZDNet As I understand it, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will head up Microsoft's Devices and Studios team, which presumably means he'll end up in charge of the Surface.
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    Windows 8.1 - time to learn Powershell?

    I see that, in 8.1 Preview, the <:winkey:> + <X> menu now contains Powershell instead of a Command Prompt. Is Powershell easy to learn/ worth the effort? Is there anything which won't work any more that did work in a Command Prompt?
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    Last chance to subscribe to Technet (31 Aug 2013 deadline)

    I'm sure it's been posted here before, but just in case anyone missed it, there's less than a week to go before Microsoft stop accepting new subscriptions to Technet. The last day is 31 August 2013. Microsoft to shut down TechNet subscription service | ZDNet Five things every TechNet...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Preview Licence - use in VM?

    I'm trying to find the official Microsoft licence agreement for Windows 8.1 Preview - does anyone have a link? I want to use Windows 8.1 Preview in a VM on a Windows 7 PC. Normally for the full version of Windows 8, and I guess Windows 8.1 when the full version arrives, you'd need a...
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    Solved Bloatware & Win 8 OEM PCs - is 8.1 preview a workaround?

    Here's my thinking... some people have Windows 8 OEM PCs and don't like the bloatware that comes on them. However, the only version of the Windows 8 installer which is readily available to consumers is the Upgrade, which as I understand it doesn't work with OEM versions of Windows 8. There...
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    Solved Where are the Forum Rules?

    Is there a link somewhere which shows the Forum rules on what can and can't be posted? For instance this is clearly a rule, and I imagine it would have been in the rules we agreed to when creating our ID, but I didn't take a copy at that point and wondered how to get back to it? I know...
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    Bing Food & Drink app

    Do you know what could be the "dark horse" great app in these announcements....? I'd thought of this before - tablets are made for use in a kitchen. I'd thought of voice control too: ("Computer, add 'eggs' to next week's shopping list". "Computer, start timer on chocolate cake, placed in oven...
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    Kids can't use computers... & why it should worry you

    I came across this blog post which amused and interested me (but worried me too!). It relates to the UK but I suspect the problem is more widespread. Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn
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    Win 8.1 Preview VM (Free & Pre-configured) from Microsoft

    I hope this may be useful to someone. There's an interesting detail hidden away in this News thread announcing IE 11 Developer Preview There's more some info on this Windows blog page announcing the updates. Although the site is intended for testing browsers, I think it means that if...
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    Ed Bott: 8 Changes I'd like to see in Windows 8

    Full article here: Eight changes I'd like to see in Windows 8.1 (but probably won't) These seem to me to be a sensible set of suggestions, and I bet it's a lot more in keeping with Microsoft's vision than the Windows Red thing the other day. Personally I'd add: Overlapping, resizeable...