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  1. Calico

    Windows 8.1 constant svchost connections to Google?

    I've recently installed Windows 8.1 and I noticed Svchost is constantly attempting to connect to Google. As I don't use any google services, apart from Gmail (via thunderbird) and I firefox only as my browser, I'm quite curious. My firewall log gas lots of entries similar to these...
  2. Calico

    Microsoft to integrate flash in IE10! Sort of...

    More... :shock::huh:
  3. Calico

    Microsoft Introduces Short URL Service For SkyDrive Files

    Microsoft Introduces Short URL Service For SkyDrive Files Microsoft News
  4. Calico

    Windows 8 Pro upgrade $15

  5. Calico

    Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows

  6. Calico

    Increase you 'new' Skydrive storage capacity to 25GB - Free

    If you've read Making personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere, with the you'll have seen the storage capacity has been set at 7GB, However, it's a simple process to increase that capacity to 25GB. 1. Go to - https://apps.live.com/skydrive/app/9a65e47d-606a-4816-a246-90f54bf7a3ea...
  7. Calico

    Windows 8 Release Preview - first week of June

    Windows 8 Release Preview coming ' first week of June '
  8. Calico

    AOL 1996 - Windows 8 2012 - LOL

  9. Calico

    Windows 8 Start button isn't coming back...

    Windows 8 Start button isn't coming back , but there will be a tutorial
  10. Calico

    What’s new in Windows 8 Release Candidate

    What’s new in Windows 8 Release Candidate Information is starting to be revealed...
  11. Calico

    Windows 8 Versions Cometh

    Windows 8 Versions Cometh If you've been following @Canouna on Twitter you may already be aware of the news regarding the new SKUs, if you haven't, take a look at the link above and the links within to the Neowin discussion. Here's an image...
  12. Calico

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview - One word: fail

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview - One word: fail
  13. Calico

    Edit the Power User Tasks Menu

    Edit the Power User Task Menu I haven't seen this posted.
  14. Calico

    For anyone interested - Comodo Beta for Windows 8 CP

    CIS beta for Windows 8 Customer Preview It seems to be working quite well, but there may be a few issues getting it installed.
  15. Calico

    If Windows 7 "Simplifies" the PC, what does Windows 8...

    If Windows 7 "Simplifies" the PC, What Does Windows 8 Do to It?
  16. Calico

    Office 15 Preview

    Office 15 Preview Not very Metroesk...
  17. Calico

    For those that need - Language packs

    If you haven't already noticed, language packs for CP are now available. Here's the skinny: Windows 8 Consumer Preview language packs are available
  18. Calico

    Another customising utility - My WCP CharmBar Customizer

    From the same developer as My WCP Start Screen Customizer v1.1 there's now My WCP CharmBar Customizer