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    Laptop automatically goes to sleep.

    Hey everyone. My laptop sometimes automatically goes to sleep(very fast sleep). It happens very randomly, and I have checked the all the "sleep" options in the power management menu. When it goes to sleep, I can wake it up again by pressing the power button, but then it again goes to sleep in a...
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    Display issue.. random lines, colors etc.

    Hi, I am getting random lines or colors when I go to desktop or hit refresh. It appears randomly. While playing games, running other applications, it doesn't seem to appear, but still, it appears randomly. For example, this is one of those cases I am describing below. Here is an image of the...
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    Solved Straight lines on laptop screen

    Hello. I am getting a some straight lines near the bottom-left-corner of my laptop PC. They are not visible when I am facing the laptop from straight .example- But only visible if I face the laptop from an angle. example- Any kind of help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Questions about battery charging,maximizing its life

    Hello I recently purchased a new battery for my laptop. Its charging upto 92/93% and then the battery icon shows that 93 % available, plugged in, not charging like this.. so.. I have tried charging it for a very long hour to see if it exceeds 93%, but that didn't work. There is no such power...
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    Can I use a different internal fan for my laptop?

    Hello. My laptop's fan has been rattling, and I was trying to find the proper heatsink(internal fan only) for my laptop. I couldn't find the exact model or close to the exact model anywhere. So I was planning to use a different fan for my laptop. But ,it has lower voltage requirements than the...
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    Sudden crash, no BSOD, overheating or error messages,

    Hello everyone. My laptop(Asus K450JN, same as my system spec below) suddenly crashed today and there was no BSOD or any other error message. I wasn't playing games and there was no overheating. It happened just like a force shutdown(like someone pressing the power button and shutting it off)...
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    Solved Laptop gets overheat while playing games..about 95C

    I have applied thermal paste several times, recently applied shin-etsu thermal compound. I have checked the fan. Its dust free and is functioning properly. Tested the temperature with various softwares, such as HWInfo64, HWmonitor and GPU-Z. The temperature reaches ~95C while playing games. No...
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    Solved wdf01000.sys, unexpected kernel mode trap

    i have been getting this error both on win 7 and win 8.1 from a long time now. it happens randomly. but i have found that doing the following things raises the chances. 1)Accessing internet via browser(Chrome/opera/seamonkey) 2)When laptop runs on battery 3)I am using a modem UE100 prithvi...