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  1. mctonale

    EightForums metro tile?

    I find it odd that I can download an Android and an ios app but not a metro app.
  2. mctonale

    Solved AHCI mode windows 8 pro

    When I installed Windows 8 pro (oem x64) it wouldn't allow me to install with my sata controller set to AHCI mode so I set it to IDE and installed, now I'd like to have trim support so want to enable AHCI. Just enabling AHCI in BIOS boots too a blue :( (blue screen of unhappiness, BSoU??) screen...
  3. mctonale

    Solved Windows experience index.. how high will it go?

    I know windows 7 went up to 7.9 Has anything changed? might be useful in demonstrating system performance to noobs, but not if the target is too easy to reach.. again.
  4. mctonale

    custom resolutions

    Hi, I have an Nvidia GTX460 (latest drivers installed) and a samsung galaxy note. I have tried using splashtop to access my machine from work but found my desktop setup was not optimal for a small screen. I decided to create a second user profile so I could use it easily without having to change...
  5. mctonale

    Solved problems with metro "photos" app

    Hi, was hoping someone could help. my photos app is broken.. when i first installed I added my network drive to the libray using the mklink hack but none of the metro apps could see my media, I fixed "my music" by transfering the files to my data array and adding that to the library. I use xbmc...
  6. mctonale

    metro behaviour seems wrong..

    I have been using windows 8 for a week or so now, I tried rp and cp but only in a virtual machine occasionally and now I am trying to get used to it as my main os. I do like it but some things just don't make sense. I get that the start screen is not an "app" but why does it have to act...