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  1. illutian

    [BSoD] Windows 8.1 - On Power Down (Restart or Shutdown)

    **EDIT: Included SF Debug zip** System Specs: CPU: i7-920 [Cooled via Corsair H-series liquid cooling] RAM: 12GB Corsair Dominator [Fully tested; 100% pass] GPU: Geforce GTX 670 4GB [x2; SLI] OS: Windows 8.1 w/ lastest drivers from Windows Update Main Drive: Intel 510 120GB SSD This actually...
  2. illutian

    [Question] Windows 8.1 'File History'; '$OF' Folder

    I decided to give W8.1's 'File History' a try because I'm tired of Acronis TIH orphaning incremental backups (I doubt it was fixed in 2014 edition). The problem is I have a folder '$OF' that has many files in it with the naming convention of: 4593 (2013_11_09 21_33_36 UTC).mp3 -Of course each...
  3. illutian

    [Issue] Windows 8 on Dual Monitor & Gaming

    Currently, I'm trying to play some of the various games I have. One in particular is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The issue is it keeps opening up on the second monitor off to my right. Even though I have the one sitting in front of me designated the 'Primary'. Can't run the game in windowed...
  4. illutian

    Solved [Issue] Windows 8 "rogue" computer in Homegroup

    During the Customer Preview (CP for short) I ran Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine on a Windows 7 system. When the preview was over I simply deleted the image of the Win8 system. Now that I have Windows 8 Pro, I've joined my Homegroup and now the CP install I had been running on the homegroup as...