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    Delete One Drive

    I don't want One Drive on my computer. It DRIVEs me crazy! How do I get rid of it! Why can't I just delete it? I want to dictate what is on my computer! Not some unknown programmer! Tully:mad:
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    IE is dissapeared!

    A friend of mine is in a position where his Internet Explorer on Win 8.1disappeared! Don't know how, it's just GONE! Tried everything to install it again, nothing works! Any help out there? Tully:cry:
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    MS Wireless Display Adapter

    I purchased the above & am having trouble get it to work! I mean REAL trouble! I am running it on Win 8.1 64 Pro. I have also tried it on my Win 10 Review Desktop. I have been trying to get it to work for almost a week MS Technical or ANY MS SUPPORT is of no use! It is receiving very bad...
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    My Win 8.1 has Gmail installed. I have tried to uninstall it to no avail! Tried to download & install IE but it is blocked! What do I do to get rid of Gmail & Install IE? Help Tully
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    HDMI Driver

    My windows 10 64 bit beta computer works out of the box with a HDMI Monitor. However my Win 8.1 64 bit will not connect to the HDMI monitor, exact same model Samsung monitor. I have to use the external speakers. I have been on the net & there are a lot of uses out there with the same problem...
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    Solved How do I format a 3TB HD to full 3TB?

    I have a 3TB HD that I want to install Win 8.1 64Bit on, but it does not format to the full drive to 3TB. How do I do it to have full 3tb drive? Tully
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    Solved Win 8.1 32 vs Win 8.1 64

    I know this is probably a stupid question but I don't know everything! Can I update from 32 bit to 64 WTHOUT reinstalling everything? Tully
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    Driver Update

    Somehow I have this program "Driver Update" on my computer & it interferes with every time IK want do with files. I have tried every method to delete it & am blocked! ANY program that does that is BAD & has other intentions other than helping! Does anyone know how to get rid of it! Tully
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    Solved SSD Drives

    Has anyone tried to use an SSD drive on an Win 8.1 Desktop? If so what were the results? Does improve speed? Is it worth the cost? Tully
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    IE Problem

    All: Just built a new rig! Loaded the software everything OK! Except, every time I start internet explorer, a URL is already in the start panel! It is for someplace called" VIRO". (You Know What is Coming!) I go to "Tools", reset the "Home Page" to what I want & start over again! The same...
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    Solved Power supplies

    All: How do I choose the correct power supply for my new build computer! It will have an ASUS Motherboard With I5 processor, 1 TB HD & 8MB Memory? I always used to just guess & I think I always was way over the top! Any suggestions will be appreciated! That Old Fart Tully
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    Solved Locked out of my ms Email account

    Hi! I am in a real impossible situation! I set up my MS account to use the 2 step password verification. Because I accidently deleted the second Email address I am now locked out completely from anything pertaining to Microsoft! Now when I try to log in I get a message that says "You are...
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    Update Bios

    I am trying to update the bios on ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard. Apparently the EZ Flash program will not run under Win8.1 64bit! It is asking me to boot in to FreeDos. It is supposed to be on the support disc, it isn't. Any help? I would appreciate it. Tully
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    Solved Surface 3 & Windows 9

    All: I plan to buy a Surface 3 Tablet, but I don't want to have to pay to upgrade to Win 9. When will Surface 3 come out with Win9? That Old Fart Tully
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    Network of Things

    All: The big thing in new Buzz Words is a "Network of Things" or a CONNECTED series of electronic devices! I am very satisfied with my "Network of Things" as it is. I don't need more devices. What I need is a "Network of Things" that includes the ELECRRCAL POWER for each networked item! I...
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    Intel Management Engine inteface driver

    I have been going crazy try to update my ASUS H81M-PLUS motherboard BIOS. ASUS is no help. Intel is no help. This might not be the right forum for this, but, I reached a point in the BIOS update (complicated) process where it now wants me to download the following driver for an Intel 4gen...
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    Java Script download is blocked by security settings

    Hello: I am using UPC Mail in Ireland. When I try to compose an Email, it tries to download a Java Scrip App. Then I get an error message "your security settings have blocked this download" How do I change the security settings to download Java Scrip & still be secure? Tully
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    Solved Live Mail

    How do I make font size & bold default in Live Mail? It is driving me crazy! Us "OLD FOLKS" need this as defaults! Tully
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    Time Display

    Hi! In my profile the time zone is wrong! I have listed the zone as London, but the time is shown as 1Hour +Plus. Why! TULLY
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    Out Box missing

    I have a problem with an error appearing every time I try to use Live Mail. The message could not be sent. The setting for your outgoing email [SMTP] server might need to be configured. To find the server settings for '[email protected]', please contact your email service provider...