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    Apps Aren't Starting

    Hi everybody! When I try to use any Apps by searching for them in the Start Screen, I receive the following error. What is the resolution to fix this?
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    How do I find out what version of Win 8 to install?

    Hi everybody! I have a laptop with a bad hard drive. So I'm putting a new SSD in it. But as we all know, they don't put a Windows sticker with OS version and product key anymore. How can I find out what version of Windows 8 or 8.1 to install? How can I find the Windows 8/8.1 product key...
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    Solved Need MoBo that is x16/x8/x8

    Hi Everybody! I'm looking for a LGA-1155 motherboard that has three PCI-E slots with one being a x16, anothe an x8 & another an x8. Anyone know who manufactures a board like that?
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    Solved Computer Keeps Booting Into SysPrep

    Hi Everybody! My laptop was infected. So I used Malwarbytes and Hitman Pro to remove the infections. Then I updated it from Windows 8 to Win 8.1. After the upgrade finish, it rebooted and now only boots into SysPrep. I can't even boot into Safe Mode, I get an "installation needs to finish"...
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    Solved Can I set computer to run First TIme Boot again?

    Hi everybody! I build computers for people. And after I install Windows 8.1 I want to install the drivers and set it to run first time boot again so my customers can customize it. Is that possible? I could do it on XP.
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    Solved Hot corners not working on my touchscreen... Why?

    I have an older HP TouchSmart All-In-One touchscreen desktop computer. Decided to put Windows 8 on it this week because it's supposed to be cool with touch screens. Question: Why can't I use the hot corners with my finger? Is there a way to make this touchscreen desktop to work like a Win 8...