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    Do you like the Windows 8 Release Preview?

    I kind-of like Windows 8, but do you?
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    Bugs in the Windows 8 Release Preview

    This is a thread for everybody to share what bugs that they have found in Windows 8. My first bug is that if you shutdown with the fast startup enabled, then the system thinks it's in hibernate. This is a bug that really needs to be resolved.
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    Restart Time

    Restart Time - Windows 7 Forums Just like on Sevenforums, please show us your restart time. Not bad for a spinner. Here it is:
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    Do You think that Windows 8 is that bad?

    I hear so much bad stuff about Windows 8 on the internet even though I run it on one of my pc's and it runs great. It is fun to use. I will admit that the customization options of metro are very limited and that does frustrate me, but I don't think Windows 8 is that bad. Do you think that...