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  1. Coke Robot

    As someone who was against 8 inch Windows tablets....

    I'm sold. There, I said it, I want one. The other day I was poking around some Windows tablets out on display at the amazon showroom and picked up the 8 inch Windows tablets. Before, my experience with such was playing with a Dell Venue Pro 8 and that was just something that boggled my mind...
  2. Coke Robot

    The Surface Mini did exist, and was later killed

    The Surface mini was real and I got to play with one - Neowin
  3. Coke Robot

    Conspiracy thought of the day...

    What if Windows 8 was intentionally designed to be the way it was? As in, some user test groups were reported to all have had a negative response to Windows 8's UI, so why would Microsoft not change that before release? Why? Lighting doesn't strike twice. Windows 7 is and was Microsoft's...
  4. Coke Robot

    Solved EFI BIOS not working

    Alright everyone, got a new problem! I'm currently upgrading a PC from Windows 7 to 8.1.1. That in itself isn't the issue, but getting it to run with EFI BIOS. The motherboard is about three years old and just updated the BIOS version. It has UEFI BIOS, recognizes UEFI flash drives, but for the...
  5. Coke Robot

    The Windows Workspace

    Well, this is something I was working on this past year on and off around that time where that one designer, Jay Machalani, caused a good stir on the interwebs with his Windows 8.2 concept. I saw faults with it and decided to make my own concept after seeing the number of faults currently with...
  6. Coke Robot

    The Desktop will be going away in Threshold...kind of.

    Yes, the desktop will be going away on smaller Windows tablets - Neowin
  7. Coke Robot

    Generic install key being detected as OEM key

    Well hello all! I'm having a strange issue with a laptop I'm trying to get back up and running. It's a Toshiba laptop that came with Windows 8 with it, obviously UEFI and an embedded key. The person that was using it said it started to act up a week before it fully crashed. Afterwards, it...
  8. Coke Robot

    The Home of the Future....circa 1999.

    Watch Microsoft's smart home of the future, from 1999 - Neowin Utterly fascinating! This was Microsoft's take on what the home of the future would be back in 1999 and wow, they were spot on! Problem is obviously they were ahead of their time and didn't implement anything like that until...
  9. Coke Robot

    Something quite interesting I found...

    As the debate rages on about what the future of the Desktop is and Win32 code and if WinRT will supersede it, I found this out just now. The OneDrive app in Windows 8.1.1 is not a true and true WinRT app from the looks of it; nor is the Photos app or PC Settings. They are all Win32 based apps...
  10. Coke Robot

    Surface Mini to be released in June

    Surface Mini: 8in, ARM, pen support and coming in June - Neowin
  11. Coke Robot

    This is why I love Windows Phone, specifically Nokia!

    So today, I got this little guy in the mail from Nokia Connects. Pretty much, they thanked me for being awesome and supporting them. Hand written as well I should add. I don't know if Nokia Connects is in the UK or if they have an office in the US, but wow! That is so freaking cool and that...
  12. Coke Robot

    Microsoft Research brings forth gesture based keybaords

    Microsoft research project brings gesture support to the keyboard - Neowin
  13. Coke Robot

    DirectX 12 has been officially revealed

    Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 for PC, Xbox One and mobile - Neowin
  14. Coke Robot

    Solved Cannot install Windows whatsoever through whatever media

    Wow, woof! Either I need to perform an exorcism on this PC I'm working on or something else is up. So I have in my possession an HP Pavilion a1230n desktop compulator. I was told that it crashed some time ago and was only used for simple things as it was deemed not trust worthy and stable...
  15. Coke Robot

    VLC fans get ready

    New VLC Windows 8 screenshots released; shows app working in Snap mode - Neowin IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! It's taken a whole year and then some for the VLC Player app to be ported over to WinRT! But it looks VERY VERY VERY NICE! :dinesh::dinesh::dinesh::party: Methinks I'll use it over Xbox...
  16. Coke Robot

    Microsoft is the most trustable company and brand

    Study shows Microsoft outpacing Apple in battle for tech consumer mindshare - GeekWire
  17. Coke Robot

    What do you like about using the Desktop?

    Holy crap it's 2014! Where did the time go? Seriously...where does it go? :D Anyways, yes, I haven't been here for a while for all of those who have been here for a while; I have a thread in the Off Topic section about that. Today I'm here because I'm looking for some...
  18. Coke Robot

    Well, I am back!

    Wow, this forum must have grown in size because it now shows what a good and bad thread title is when you're going to post something... That used to be like that back on 7 Forums! Well, I am back after a sixish month long hiatus from here. Nothing bad happened, I just went on vacation back in...
  19. Coke Robot

    Xbox One's DRM puportedly explained by "Xbox engineer"

  20. Coke Robot

    There needs to be more oversight in what gets posted....

    ...in the News subforum. Seriously, it's getting ridiculous. Why is it that in the Windows H8 Forums, there are LITERALLY at least four new postings each and every day whereas Windows 7 gets like three things posted per week? And what's worse, people are posting things there that isn't EVEN...