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  1. pcRat

    Can't download or with IE 11 but have no problem uploading

    I can't download or Print with IE 11 I've never seen this before and it's driving me crazy. Especially since I need to be sleeping to catch an early flight. I need to print my information to get on the plane. Hopefully someone has a quick fix for this. THANK YOU
  2. pcRat

    Solved Login help needed after PC Refresh

    A friend was having major issues and tried to fix Windows 8.1 herself. She managed to return it back to Windows 8 which is good. But somehow she managed to create a new Administrator address & password. Now this message pops up after typing in one password and pressing OK But we can't get logged...
  3. pcRat

    Smart TV network problem

    I have a smart tv that worked fine until my dependable wireless Linkysys died. In a pinch I bought a Belkin and since then I have not been able to get Netflix or anything else from the internet. I made some progress today but getting error codes shouldn't really be considered progress. Will any...
  4. pcRat

    Solved IE 11 text not dark enough

    Windows 8.1 IE 11 Dark black text shows up fine in ads etc. But not in text boxes or news stories that Iwant to read. In those areas it's hard to read because it's a light silverish gray color. Any ideas on how I can darken the text in news stories and text boxes?
  5. pcRat

    2nd monitor goes black and says "Input Not Supported"

    Both monitors work fine in 'Extended' :dinesh: or one-at-a-time thanks to Brinks "Second Screen" Shortcut - Create in Windows 8 :dinesh: But when I choose to 'Duplicate' the 19" monitor says "Input Not Supported" . I've been researching but haven't found the...
  6. pcRat

    Solved 2nd monitor doesn't turn off completely

    I've used the switch to actually turn it off, but files still manage to get shoved onto it. I spent over 2 hours pinning and unpinning File Explorer from the taskbar and opening File Explorer from Start screen. Finally I turned that 2nd monitor on and the 4 files I opened were on it. I'm...
  7. pcRat

    Physical Office Security

    My brother is renting a 10X10 office space between 4 other offices with a common hallway. The business are individual and unrelated like insurance, novelty sales, tax etc. Sometimes the secretary for the building owner can double as a receptionist but not always. The door from the waiting room...
  8. pcRat

    Solved Monitor needs adjusting

    I have a 5 yr old 22" Envision G218a1 monitor all hazy & probably going out. Does anyone know how I adjust it for a few weeks?
  9. pcRat

    DVI-D not working

    I have an ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 mobo with onboard DVI=D HDMI & VGA Only the VGA port works . Because nothing happens when I use the DVI-D port. The SATA 3 hdd came out of old system which had a DH61WW mobo, 8.1
  10. pcRat

    Solved SLI or not for rendering

    Current setup is a good MSI LGA1155 mobo with one pci-e x16 slot, good quality graphics card , Windows 8.1 Pro, i7 3770K CPU, 32GB DDR3 RAM #1 How much effect and would a matched set of good quality graphics cards set in SLI have for saving time while rendering edited video files? And would it...
  11. pcRat

    Solved Tagged files on a non Windows partition

    I've been tagging files on a 64 GB SSD Drive C: which is windows & using Windows Photo Gallery in windows 8.1 I installed a 1 TB SATA hdd and partition get into E, F & G and transferring files and C: to G: I was going to ask if there's a way to see them in a search using tag names but just...
  12. pcRat

    Right-click Scroll Here? IE 11

    This is what I have gotten in the in the past when I right clicked on the right hand scroll bar in Internet Explorer. I thought this feature was removed with Windows 7 or IE 7. I just got a Windows 7 computer with IE 11 and this feature is working.:party: Does anyone know what setting I can...
  13. pcRat

    Word 2013 no page breaks

    Is there a way to remove page breaks from Word 2013 so that it is a continuous sheet like WordPad ? Those breaks get especially annoying when using a long continuous table . Thanks
  14. pcRat

    Solved EFI change to GPT to install Windows 8

    HELP is appreciated. I had a SSD hdd die completely. I was given a used SSD hdd that was formatted. Drive 0 Partition 1: System Reserved 100.0 MB 86.0 MB Free System Drive 0 Partition 2: 55.8 MB 55.7 MB Free Primary When I try to install to Partition 2...
  15. pcRat

    OS on DVD with unrelated files

    I need to download a copy of Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and save it to a DVD with files already on it. Will it work? The only reason I'm asking such a stupid question is because I have more desperation than money. It's embarrassing but I'd have to take out a loan if new DVDs only cost a penny. My...
  16. pcRat

    Browser not going back to search page in google after…

    It doesn't matter if it's IE 11 or Slim Browser. Once I select the image of anything and click the view image button, it goes to the page that shows the large image and will not go back to the search page. No matter how many times I press the back arrow or press the backspace button. The only...
  17. pcRat

    Straight files—is it safe to remove them

    Stray files—is it safe to remove them I'm currently using windows 8.1 on an Intel DH61WW mobo. I have these 8 files located in 3 spots on my hard drive. EfiInvoker.dll, EfiInvoker64.dll , itkEfiVar.dll , itkEfiVar64.dll , invoker.sys , invoker64.sys , itkvar.sys , itkvar64.sys On C drive...
  18. pcRat

    Solved Intel Management Firmware Update help needed

    I seem to be in a loop while upgrading from a Pentium G840 to an i3770 K on an Intel DH61WW motherboard. It seems that I need version 8.x of Intel Management Firmware and I can't get to update past version According to this page, I need version 8.x to continue for updates to use...
  19. pcRat

    One Drive deletion of files

    How do I stop One Drive from deleting files when I delete files from my pc? I want to try using One Drive for storage again but last time I used it, the online files disappeared when I deleted them from the One Drive folder on my pc.:mad:
  20. pcRat

    Solved USB 8GB Drive

    Win 8.1 64-bit , 8GB RAM Tevion 8 GB USB Drive Plugging this drive in while windows is running has no ill effects. :) Whenever the USB is left attached during a restart or shut down. the pc fails to load windows.:mad: It just has a blinking cursor on the black screen. I have 5 more USB...