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    Solved Excel file doesn't open

    Hello, Windows 8.1 with Excel 2007 On one PC is it oké but not on another PC: *a file with xls or xlsx suffix doesn't open as the exe-file of Excel is not found. *Excel on it self is starting up and after openening the dedicated xls-suffix the file is visible In configuration / programma's /file...
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    Function key F8 not working at start-up

    Hi, I received a lot of information on that tread by several members (many thanks for it) but still I couldn't solve it. I know that that due too the fast startup that function doesn't work no more by some users. I introduced the correction bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy and...
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    Special Start-up function not working.

    Special Start-up functions not working. Hi, I would like to know if the following is working on W8 ? Charms / Setting / PCsetting Changes/ General / Advanced start-up options / Problem Solving / Advanced Options / Start-up Setting and Start up I can't activated any function out of the...
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    Solved Start up in Safety Mode ?

    Hello, In W7 one could use the function key F8 during start up. In W8 one much go via PC-settings and so on till the screen where Safety Mode en other are visible... So far so good but once there i can't activivate the number 4 (Saftey mode) and after a while the PC starts-up normal. Is...
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    Solved Laptop stop working ?

    Hallo, Sometimes the laptob is shutting down automatically. I dedected that when the battery becomes too low in can happen. Some googling learned me that indeed it can happen in W8 and that there is a patch KB2845533 for it. I have that patch so what other reason could it be (AV & malware...
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    Solved Num key not on after start-up

    Hello, The problem is existing since W7 I could solved it by changing the register HKEY USERS\.DEFAULT\ControlPanel\Keyboard\InitialKeyboardIndicators= 2 In W8 the same problem so i did the same. Result: *after start-up Num-key is not on so i have to do it manually -after a restart it comes...
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    Solved Windows Defender don't start-up immediately

    Hello, I am using Windows Defender in W8. I see that the Defender becomes only active after a few minutes. If the Defender is activated before than everthing is in red , and unable to start it. The fault code is than 0x80070426. But as explained already after a few minutes everthing is...
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    Solved Windows update - sign

    Hello, The setting of Windows Update is as such that they aren't loaded automatically. Of course want i to see if there are new updates available ... In W7 is it possible to receive a sign on the taskbar ... Does somebody know how it is possible in W8 Thanks RitaHubert