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  1. Indianatone

    Download over nine years of Microsoft security updates

    Read more: Download over nine years of Microsoft security updates in ISO format | Windows content from Windows IT Pro
  2. Indianatone

    Solved How do I unlicense my Windows 8.1 with media center

    I have 2 systems which dual boot Windows 8.1 with Media Center and Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to unlicense the media center licence on both 8.1 OS and then remove the licenses for my 8.1 Pro so I can use them again at a later date. All 4 licences are retail. I will then install a copy of 7 Pro...
  3. Indianatone

    July 4th Boston

    If you remember A&E TV used to carry Pop goes the 4th and then the network was acquired by someone else and coverage stopped. You can find coverage from Boston here on a live stream in HD. July 4th
  4. Indianatone

    Zoner Photo Studio: The best photo editor and organizer

    Free Give away download of popular image program http://www.zoner.com/__mailing/2014-06-17-softpedia-special-offer-en/index.htm
  5. Indianatone

    Solved Windows XP VM will not load on Windows 8 Pro

    Hey Gang. Here is an issue I have run into since I side graded to 8.1.Pro on one of my machines. I expect the other machine has the same issue but I mostly use 7 ATM. I have some XP virtual machines that were created by importing the image of XP into VMWare Player and now those VM refuse to run...
  6. Indianatone

    Solved Hyper V and VMWare on the same machine

    Hi, I have many virtual machines in my VMWare Workstation install on Windows 7. I have now let Windows 8.1 lose on the bare metal of this machine as a dual booting system. I have enabled Hyper V on 8.1 to "play around with it and when I went to install VMWare the installer quit stating...