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    Solved someone have the same ip address as me

    hi . i have a problem surfing a website (chat site) . when chatting with others . someone comes and curses others . And when the admin ban him , we both get banned . It happened many times . i asked the admin and told me that we have same ip address . is there any solution ? thank u :thumb:
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    McAfee keep telling me "your computer is at risk"

    my antivirus software McAfee keep showing me that he need update . i check for updates and it say "your programs are up to date " and after a second it tell me again my computer is at risk . can any body tell me why ? afraid that im hacked i scanned my computer with malwarebytes but no malware...
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    Solved windows update error 8020002E

    how i can install this update and thank u :)
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    Solved can't adjust brightness

    2 month ago i had this problem so i searched for a solution here (get back to the basic display adapter ) and it worked fine and no problem appeared . but now whenever i want to play a game like begone or heroes and generals my cpu usage become 100% and i get 20 fps usually 100 also i cant play...
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    Solved download speed different from speed test

    so i ran a speed test with several different website and they all said my download speed is between 5 Mbps and 8 Mbps : however when i actually download something my download speed stay at 1 Mbps or when i watch videos ( youtube ) :cry: i dnt have this problem with my phone ! thank u
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    Low FPS without charger in

    graphic card : GT 740m i play a browser game on chrome named begone nplay . with my charger plugged in i get 100-130 fps but whenever i unplugged it it drops to like 20-40 fps . i checked power settings and its always on high performance . i dnt know what to check also . pls help i dnt...
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    Solved Why my internet download speed drops to half

    Hello .... every time i download something ,the internet speed start very good sometimes its 6 Mb and sometimes its 1 Mb this is an example : and after 40 seconds or more its dropped to the half to 50 KB : this problem is so annoying :'( driver of network card is updated : ipconfig...