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  1. Gornot

    Titlebar Text Alignment

    I'm surprised I still haven't seen a lot of these kind of questions on the interwebz, so after a lot of searching around I have to ask: Is it possible to align the titlebar text to the left instead of having it centered by default? I think I read somewhere that I can do it in resource...
  2. Gornot

    Explorer's Details Pane

    A fairly simple question: Has anyone tried to (or found a third party app) that can put the details pane back to the bottom of the File Explorer windows, like it was in 7. It was of great use to me when reading tags and other information. In 8, it just takes needless width space from the windows.
  3. Gornot

    Reliability Monitor takes forever to load

    Another weird thing I came across in the Release Preview (which I know is not a final product, but it is a strange issue). If I open up Action Center, expand Maintenance and click on "View reliability history" the Reliability Monitor never loads, it's just stuck at the "Generating report"...
  4. Gornot

    Install hangs at second reboot...

    Hello, now, this is something I experienced the first time I installed the Release Preview, but it also happened when I got a hold of an RTM leak of 8. The setup would run just fine until the point it sets up devices and drivers at the boot screen. When the message "Restarting your PC" is...
  5. Gornot

    Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - no more Aero!

    Read more and check out the screenshots here: Windows 8 RTM build 8518 screenshots appear - Neowin They did it... They finally did it! And I have to comment on this right away, because it has been quite a while since I posted anything new. Like many others, I had my doubts, my complains...
  6. Gornot

    Windows 8 Build 7989 leaked

    Read more here The article is brief, but it shows 2 out of 4 new screenshots of the build 7989, a Milestone 3 copy built in April. BetaArchives members seem to be both trying to get and leak this built, while also discussing whether this is actually real or not. The topic can be found here. I...
  7. Gornot

    Native ISO mounting in Windows 8

    It's high time I join you guys in the hype for Windows 8. And to kick things off, I want to share this little screeny with you: As you can see, Microsoft is adding a new feature to natively mount and burn .iso images in Windows 8. Source