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  1. Gornot

    Solved Should i switch browsers?

    I agree with Shawn. Even if you want to use IE, you can still have Firefox as a backup since, as a contributor, I'm sure you have to keep up with the features etc. There's nothing wrong with having more than one browser on your computer and I'm sure nobody is going to judge you just because you...
  2. Gornot

    Titlebar Text Alignment

    I'm surprised I still haven't seen a lot of these kind of questions on the interwebz, so after a lot of searching around I have to ask: Is it possible to align the titlebar text to the left instead of having it centered by default? I think I read somewhere that I can do it in resource...
  3. Gornot

    This PC - Add or Remove "Folders" in Windows 8.1

    I was just wondering if you guys have this tutorial up here 'cause I just found out, like, five minutes ago, how to do this. Annoying as hell, those folders, and for most users with more than one partition completely useless. Now I can scale down my Explorer window to the size of the context pane :D
  4. Gornot

    Why Surface could harm Microsoft’s tablet success

    The Surface Pro would be the thing for me. At this point I don't see an upper hand in Surface with WinRT over Windows Phones, but with 8 Pro, an attachable keyboard and, optionally, a wireless mouse, something like the new Microsoft Wedge Mouse - that would be hella sweet!
  5. Gornot

    Microsoft: "Metro" out, "Windows 8-style UI" in

    If you don't try to spell "GUI" is actually rhymes xD
  6. Gornot

    Explorer's Details Pane

    So I'll have to wait a while before it becomes available... And I always hated modifying system files, even for third party themes. Somehow I always mess it up xD
  7. Gornot

    Microsoft: "Metro" out, "Windows 8-style UI" in

    According to reports, the Metro UI will from now on be referred to by Microsoft as the Modern UI. Poorly replaced brand name, if you ask me, but at least it's better than we thought it would be.
  8. Gornot

    Why Surface could harm Microsoft’s tablet success

    BTW it does come in pink ;) At least the keyboard, I think :)
  9. Gornot

    Don't price Surface at $199, pleads Acer

    What? $199? *goes to stand in line* lol
  10. Gornot

    Windows 8 RTM has leaked

    Even if the hashes are the same... Somehow, I'm still thinking that this is just a leak from the RTM branch and not the RTM itself. I've read some good points about this.
  11. Gornot

    Armed! not starting

    Yeah, and even saying that they have the (almost, probably) exact ExoPC just for testing... That's called dedication :D
  12. Gornot

    Explorer's Details Pane

    A fairly simple question: Has anyone tried to (or found a third party app) that can put the details pane back to the bottom of the File Explorer windows, like it was in 7. It was of great use to me when reading tags and other information. In 8, it just takes needless width space from the windows.
  13. Gornot

    The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences

    We seem to have the same practice in browsers. IE on Windows, FF on Linux, and Safari on OS X. I've used all the browsers in all the combinations of OSs, and this is what I'd always go back to.
  14. Gornot

    Armed! not starting

    I am quite impressed that the company actually responded the way they did. So good for you, just keep checking when the update comes out, and hopefully you won't have any other problems ;)
  15. Gornot

    The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences

    We still have to wait and see what the competition will come up with, considering the limits of IE10 in Metro mode, but for now, both desktop and Metro, IE10 is my only option, and I'm not even considering anything else. Even before IE9 it was the same. I would use IE, then get annoyed at some...
  16. Gornot

    Windows 8 Pro to retail for €59.99?

    Same thing here, mate. This country just begs for any reason to empty our pockets as much as possible. Still, if 8 actually prices this low, I can just get my grandma to buy a retail copy next time she visits Germany. I already know that I can just upgrade, but I like my retail copies :D
  17. Gornot

    Show us your WEI

    My WEI confuses me greatly. I know my GPU is defective now and can't really run any games at higher resolutions, let along higher details, but the WEI shows this: Apparently, performance for Aero is lower than the performance for gaming graphics? Woot?! xD I have the latest drivers installed...