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  1. xraiderv1

    identifying processor firepower based off model number

    so..how do I identify the firepower a processor, for example, the I5-4210U Dual Core Processor? I'm looking to buy a new computer in the fall and I REALLY dont want to settle for processing power less than my current 2.40ghz intel I3 in my current system.
  2. xraiderv1

    youtube home page taking a bit to fully load on chrome

    so, today I went to go to youtube and google chrome's taking a bit to load, I'll start off with an expanded list of playlists and nothing on the page is clickable for a good 30 seconds, and I've noticed cpu usage. now, I'm not the only one affected as I've checked the abp forums, however not...
  3. xraiderv1

    trying to find 32bit version of silverlight

    I'm trying to find the 32bit version of silverlight as my primary browser cant support the 64 bit version of silverlight. can someone toss me a link to the 32 bit installer?
  4. xraiderv1

    advice needed on tablet purchase

    I'm looking at replacing my nook color next month, now, I intend to do more besides read ebooks on the thing, so, since i cannot make up my mind between the google nexus and the samsung galaxy tab 4, I was hoping my fellow forum users here had a suggestion or opinion that might help? the budget...
  5. xraiderv1

    windows says folder doesnt exist..huh?

    ok..so I ordered a bunch of music off amazon tonight with their new amazon music program..3 albums. I went to move the albums from their download location to the proper music folder..and it gives me a 'item not found' error... I go 'ok..wait..what the frak? I'm staring at the bloody thing!'...
  6. xraiderv1

    odd cpu spike..cleared with reboot

    for some inexplicable reason..my cpu usage spiked and stayed consistently at 25% tonight.. I identified the offending process as 'system' under windows processes and ran a malware scan and virus scan..clean across the board. I'm rather confused..as all I have open is vlc media player, skype...
  7. xraiderv1

    screen flashed green, event viewer says explorer crash

    so..I'm at a loss as to how to explain this one. heres the log from event viewer: Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date: 6/2/2014 1:20:44 AM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer...
  8. xraiderv1

    chrome wants windows password to show me my passwords

    ok..so I went into my passwords in chrome as I'd forgotten my rooster teeth password, and when I clicked 'show password' it asks me to enter my windows password, this is new behavior I've not seen in chrome before and I cannot find any documentation on it.
  9. xraiderv1

    need help translating tracert and pathping results please

    got a tracert and pathping here that I cant make heads or tails of.. can you tell me if the problem's not my connection/computer at the very least? Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200] (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\XRaiderV1>tracert Tracing...
  10. xraiderv1

    skype reaching excessive memory use after couple hours

    ok, as the title suggests, ever since skype updated to 6.14, I've been seeing excessive ram use after only a couple hours. so..I devised a simple test, I closed and then relaunched skype to free the ram and then timed it.. after 3 hours roughly.. heres the ram consumption by skype... the only...
  11. xraiderv1

    skype displaying incorrect date/time stamp

    platform: skype, desktop program, not the win8 metro app ok..buddy of mine, her skype for some reason seems to think its december 8th of all things, we've confirmed the computer's date/time settings are correct...any ideas? I'm quite confused here.
  12. xraiderv1

    dvd movies sometimes arent recognized

    ok..at first I thought maybe it was the one movie(battleship), but after subsequent testing with different dvd movies, I have to ask, is it normal for the dvd drive to sometimes not recognize theres a disc loaded? now..before anyone asks, I've got cyberlink power dvd 9.0, which has a dvd movie...
  13. xraiderv1

    google chrome new tab page text anomoly

    ok...should the new tab page have white day-glo text like that after last night's update? or is it an issue with the browser? see screenshot please. should be obvious, to the left of the redacted email address. that black block at the top, left of that.
  14. xraiderv1

    unable to install starcraft 1

    ok..so in an effort to help a friend troubleshoot her copy of the game I dusted off the old battle chest box, slapped the core game disc in, and pressed install. this is what happened: "Setup was unable to create the following directory: C\Windows Error 0x00000005: Access is denied...
  15. xraiderv1

    yahoo for windows 8 cannot load messages

    ok, so, yahoo web mail's giving me grief on both this win8 machine and my vista machine, which I'd done a fresh zero out and software reload on, neither machine will load yahoo messages, keeps spitting up error code 45s... so I figure, wait, I saw they had a yahoo for windows 8 app available...
  16. xraiderv1

    suspect site

    guys.. ran across this by accident, and I'm not sure what to make of it. malware says I'm clean and avast is currently running a scan.
  17. xraiderv1

    google chrome in app mode questions

    can someone tell me if google chrome when used in windows 8 app mode, supports add block plus?
  18. xraiderv1

    Solved windows media player view options

    ok..I'm trying to get windows media player to display the albums view as icons but for whatever reason that option's grayed out. help please?
  19. xraiderv1

    WMP refusing to recognize songs in playlist

    ok..two problems here..not enough space in the title. 1, issue with windows media player. 2, issue with xbox music.(win8 app) -- 1, ok...windows media player flat out refuses to recognize any of the songs in an album thats part of a 3 album playlist, now it'll recognize everything else just...
  20. xraiderv1

    how do I clear the ram cache?

    thread title says it all, how do I clear my cached ram?