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  1. DustSailor

    Intel MEI (Management Engine Interface) Prob. with driver

    Hey all, The motherboard I'm working with is an ASUS H97M-E, and the latest driver for the Intel MEI (Management Engine Interface) is currently installed from the ASUS support website. However, in device manager, there appears to be a problem with it. I can't figure it out. The driver...
  2. DustSailor

    Outlook 2013 'safe' email marked incorrectly as spam/junk

    Hey everyone, I appreciate any help with this. We're moving from one email server to another using google apps, all while using outlook 2013. During the transition (and after, if we can set it up), we have our old server forwarding email to our new email addresses. So [email protected]
  3. DustSailor

    A newer computer crashes, wont remain shutdown

    Updated in post # 5 Hey everyone, I work at a small company, and sometimes try to figure out what is wrong with some of their computers just to help out. This particular one is having problems exacerbated by our newly installed ESET antivirus. A perfect match of this computer in hardware has...
  4. DustSailor

    Eset Antivirus conflicts with programs?

    Hey all, My business installed an Eset antivirus suite on all computers. There are many computers, but two clients use the same exact type of computer. On one of these, a specific account performs just fine (fast even) until windows explorer or the start menu is used, then it freezes. When I...
  5. DustSailor

    Solved Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...?

    Hey everyone, I have a hard drive that does not seem to open when it is connected to any (pc or mac) computer. A screen pops up which installs the driver, but after that takes place, it does not display under the normal location in the computer folder. I did find it in the computer management...
  6. DustSailor

    Image slideshow - preferred app and speed

    Hey everyone, I have a computer that I would like to constantly be showing a slideshow of jpeg images in a loop, at a set time of about 7 seconds between pictures. I usually prefer not to install secondary apps and programs, and stick with what comes with windows, so I was using the photos app...
  7. DustSailor

    To park, or not to park?

    This poll probably only applies to people in 'track' or 'mobile' home residences who own cars [edit: and don't park in their garage. Bruce. lol]. The poll was created because I truly am curious to know if and when you need to park your car, do you park in front of your house only, or do you...
  8. DustSailor

    Font substitution in MS Publisher 2013

    Hey all, I'll post a picture because it might make it easier to understand. The problem is that the font substitution never works, even though I select permanent. The old publication (from an older office suite) has a space between the old and new font titles, as you can see in the image...
  9. DustSailor

    Solved Computer doesn't sleep when app is opened phenomenon

    Hey all, I noticed that my computer automatically enters sleep mode perfectly well at times, and others not so well. Over time, my suspicion has come to rest upon an opened app preventing sleep... more specifically the iHeartRadio app. I haven't proved it, but there is more than just...
  10. DustSailor

    Solved computer wont turn on, no lights, no life

    Was troubleshooting a computer that won't start Scenario: Computer worked perfectly fine, underwent an update, and inexplicably crashed. Trying to turn it on won't so much as hint at a flicker of any light whatsoever on a motherboard, or screen, or even make a sound from a fan, or turn a fan...
  11. DustSailor

    Windows Phone 8 - help finding text messages

    How I have my phone set up: Phone is Nokia Lumia 520 - ATT I have 2 groups of contacts, which are 'family' and 'common contacts'. I pull all contacts from outlook online and facebook, in addition to the phone itself. So family and common contacts do not have all my contacts listed in them...
  12. DustSailor

    Bing Image fun

    Did you know you could double-click today's image to zoom in on the scene? Give it a try: Bing - click & hold to drag for a close-view of a beautiful beach. To see in even more detail, keep double-clicking away! #beautifulBeach
  13. DustSailor

    Hidden Jokes in old Microsoft Code: Bill 'Shake' Spear

    Read more here: Hidden jokes exposed in Microsoft's code | Fox News
  14. DustSailor

    Solved Windows Defender on Windows 8 - Introduction

    The purpose of this post is to help anyone who requires a better understanding of using Windows Defender, including the removal of 3rd party antivirus programs if reverting to Defender. Hope this proves helpful, and thanks to Stephen Boots for the link: Windows Defender on Windows 8 -...
  15. DustSailor

    HDD to SSD transfer, but computer is now slow

    The computer I am using is a Dell Inspiron M5040 laptop. I got a Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD to replace my HDD, and used the Samsung Software that came with it to image my OS over to the SSD. It had an error at first, so I removed my antivirus program and ran it again, and it worked...
  16. DustSailor

    Here Are 24 Countries Where Windows Phone Outsells...

    Here Are 24 Countries Where Windows Phone Outsells The iPhone (And Why It Does) Read more: Here Are 24 Countries Where Windows Phone Outsells The iPhone (And Why It Does) - Forbes
  17. DustSailor

    Forum Picking up

    Noticed that this place has seen a pretty big increase in activity. 12,500 users or so last week at one time. Check it out:
  18. DustSailor

    Funny from facebook

    Funny Social Media Thought this was funny :D
  19. DustSailor

    Solved How to move from 8 pro to 8.1 pro volume licenses?

    Hello all, I have a set of computers in a small business running win 8 pro volume licenses. I noticed that the store doesn't seem to offer 8.1 as an update for these licenses. I even got a pop-up on one computer that asked me to upgrade, took me to the store, and left me hanging without an...
  20. DustSailor

    Solved Computer crashes after resuming from sleep

    I get this picture on a computer I built, all new parts. I can't figure out the problem. I built 4 other computers the same, being very careful when I put them together. Only this one has the problem. I believe it mentions a surge issue after clicking view details. Specifically, the problem...