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    Making an SSD the primary boot device?

    I have a dell xps desktop. It came with a standard HDD with windows 10. I added an SSD when I bought it and have used that for the OS and applications, I was able to set it to boot to that drive, I formatted the HDD that came with the computer and used it as storage. This has been the case for...
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    Creating a file server properly.

    If you are running an EsXi host (on domain with static ip) and get in via vsphere, and create a new VM and make the server, a file server by adding the role. How do you make it so that all domain users can see the share drive when they click "computer"?
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    VLAN questions. Experience will help!

    Hey! I am listening and learning at work as a new project is coming down the pike. I just want an easy to understand explanation or "how to". If a business is getting an ip phone system and they say that a subnet will need to be created for this system or vlan. How does that work and how would...
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    Do you need a Coaxial cable for internet?

    I have no idea why my brain is acting like this lol, but I am thinking of moving my workspace to the other side of the room. However, there is no cable jack on that side and I do not want to have to drag a cable across the floor. My cable is plugged into my modem, and my router is plugged into...
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    How to share local workgroup with VM on a domain?

    Not sure how to ask, but I will try. For fun I have set up 2 VMs in virtualbox. One has sharepoint 2013 on server 2012r2 and the other is server 2012 as the DC. They are on a domain I Created when installing sharepoint. Is there a way to, when I "browse" for something, that I can get into my...
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    Solved So many IP addresses in resource monitor. Wht do they mean

    When I open the resource monitor, under both TCP connections and network connections, there are many many ip addresses. I have 2 VM's so I assume those could be 2. But there are many. Some are from chrome exe and some svhost. Why are there so many ip addresses and what do they all mean?
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    Where to look at "properties" for network connections?

    When in windows 8.1 and I look at the wireless connections, there is no option to right click and choose "properties" to where you could see the password if need be, etc. Is this no longer an option in windows 8.1? Is there another place to see these settings as they are in widows 7?
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    No sound in IE but sound in Chrome?

    I have a Lenovo thinkpad i7 64 bit on 8.1 pro. I have a monitor hooked up to the laptop via HDMI for dual monitors. When I play a video (on youtube or whatever) in IE there is no sound but the volume control shows it going up and down as if it is working. When I play in Chrome, it is fine...
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    Windows 10 pop up?

    Does anyone know if this windows 10 upgrade popup will pop up on windows 7? We have an agency full of click happy people, and the software and sites we use to do our job are not even compatible with windows 8 and the last thing we need it them seeing a "free" upgrade. Will this popup occur on...
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    Looking into buying a new Desktop.

    I am looking for a desktop that has an i7 (5th gen preferred) with the ability to expand to 32gb ram. SSD is a plus. Looking at around 1200 is what I can spend. Thus far, cannot find those specifics, except for an "iBUYPOWER" Desktop that is 1500, but I have never heard of that brand and also...
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    Need an alternative driver.

    I have a dell inspirion 530 from 2007. It is afriend's. When he gave it to me to look at it had a pirated windows 7 ultimate copy and had never been updated. Not to mention the 25 unwanted programs. It now has windows 8 pro 32 bit. The only issue is after a few minutes it gives me the eror AND...
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    Question about ports

    Hey everyone. I am getting very frustrated with ports/port forwarding. No matter what port i enter on canyouseeme it says it cannot see me. No matter the port. I am attempting to allow a specific port to connect. But I cannot. I have looked at EVERYTHING. Allowed it thru firewall, read the...
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    Can you view previously copied data?

    We have an employee who we believe may have backed up sensitive information to a personal flash drive. We run Windows 7 professions on 2012 R2 server. Is there a way that I can check to see what was copied to an external drive? If so, how?
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    Are there "real" remote jobs?

    Hello, I have been doing desktop support at my agency for the past 5 years and recently have become ill, which leaves me homebound most of the time. I see a lot of "work from home" jobs but none seem real. Are there any real Desktop/helpdesk support jobs out there? Where is the best place...
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    Resource Monitor Questions

    Hello, I am not real familiar with what the resource monitor is showing. Are there any links or anything that explains, for example, the network tab portion when you are in the resource monitor. Here is a screen shot of my monitor, at the moment. Can anyone explain, what it is showing exactly...
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    Solved How to remove shares?

    When I go to my network, and click on my pc that is shared, there are a few folders in there that were created in the past. I only want one folder but when I select them there is no delete option, how can I remove these? I go to start, network, click my shared pc, and there are multiple...
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    Solved Cannot access server/vice vera from home network

    Basic question. I installed windows 2012 server R2 64 bit in Virtual box on my windows 8.1 pro PC. I cannot see anything on my network from the server. I have drag and drop both set to bidirectional yet I cannot move anything from my main OS to the server 2012 that is runnnig on Virtual box. the...
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    Do I need to install Sharepoint on Windows server?

    D Nevermind
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    Name not appearing in Global address book

    Hello, When I fget into my GAB in outlook 2013, a name doesn't appear under "global address book" but it does appear if I switch it to "all users". This person is set up on the exchange server and in active directory, as they rest of the people are. Why would the name not appear in the default...
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    How can I remote into my Home PC from an outside network

    without the likes of logmein? If I enable remote login on my pc, what needs to be done in my router (if anything) so I can remote in from wherever I want? I am running Windows 8.1 pro X64 router is netgear R6300