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    I've got more toys than you have!

    I'm a collector of toys - computers, tablets, mp3 etc. Thought it would be neat to understand how I rank in the toy department when compared to others - might be embarrassing but -- If you want to just count that would be fine or list them if you'd rather. Lenovo all in one B320 (main)...
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    syswin7u8.exe -- anyone know of it?

    Picked up malware few days ago, malwarebytes took care of some objects. Tonight cpu was running hot and hard, found this file was doing it(syswin7u8.exe). Googled and only one page about malware came up. Found two directories that didn't belong so deleted them. One was syswin. Would like...
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    $Windows.~ directory

    Has anyone determined for sure what it is for. It is left after 8.1 installs. Early some thought you could move it to other computers to avoid the 3.2gig download but it only has 3-400 meg. It took me8 hours to download/install. Not going to do that for four more units.
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    Windows Media Player (server execution failed)

    Has anyone found a fix for this. Found several "fixes" including one from Microsoft search but nothing works. Uninstalled and reinstalled media center/media player through control panel but no change. When I request windows to open a video file with a right click and ask it to use windows...
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    Metro keyboard size??

    Is there a way to increase the size of the metro keyboard? Mine is only 3 1/4 inches wide on a 21 inch screen - read that as "Fat fingers don't work very well." Thanks for any suggestions.
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    About a month ago this happened, again today. I have 80 gig left on my drive. All of a sudden it is down to 9 this morning. I begin cleaning, and every time I delete a bunch of junk I check and there is less drive space left. This went on for a couple of hours, ending up with about 5 gig...
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    Solved Pirated disk info needed:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to tell if a Microsoft dvd is fake? I bought office 2010 pro early last year, installed it the three allowed times. Wife got new puter today, I uninstalled the office from the old one, installed on the new. It would not activate, said it was invalid...
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    onscreen keyboard is too small for use.

    When I first installed windows 8 the onscreen keyboard was fairly big and easy to use. I refreshed 8 and now it is too small to use - can hardly read it. Is there a setting I am missing?
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    Truesync Desktop problem

    I had truesync desktop running in windows 7 (have it that way on several machines) and updated to windows 8 about a week ago and truesync worked fine. This afternoon my computer (Lenovo B320 64 bit) froze up and I had to power down. Restarted and truesync would not open. Tried all sorts of...
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    Solved Lenovo B320: How to restore windows 7?

    Has anyone figured out how to restore to windows7 I failed foolishly to make restore disks and the restore system does not work. There is a 25.07 gig partition labeled OEM in disk management so I think the image is there but in disk management there are no options as to assign drive letter...