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    Solved Can't Delete Account Picture

    Hi All, Why does Microsoft make it so difficult to perform what should be such an easy task ? All I want to do is have a blank account picture on the login screen, this morning I even switched to a 'local' account instead of my Microsoft account, but the account picture is still there. I know...
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    Solved How To Disable Add-On Prompt For Flash Player

    Hi, It seems as though the software developers @ Adobe are REALLY getting even more sophisticated, I'm running IE 11 on windows 8.1 pro edition 32-bit. I seemingly kept getting more and more ad's on web pages, some would even start playing automatically. I was really getting frustrated with...
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    Change Notification Area Icon Size (Larger)

    Hi All, I'm using my ASUS T100TA Transformer Book to type this message, it's got a 10.1" screen on it, as I'm getting older now..my vision isn't what it used to be. I've already changed the size of the icon's on the taskbar, so I could see them better..is there any way to make the notification...
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    ASUS T100TA Touchscreen Sensitivity Question

    Hi, First of all..to you moderator's out there, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT'S SHOWN IN HELPING USER'S HERE IN THE FORUM'S !! Back in November of 2013..I purchased this: ASUS Transformer Book T100 Convertible Notebook Tablet, Specs & More This is...
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    Solved New ASUS T100 Windows 8.1 Set Up Question

    Hi, This morning I turned on my brand new ASUS T100 Transformer Book with Windows 8.1 pre-installed for the first time, of course I got the 'normal' screen prompt's when setting up a brand new computer. Such as country/language, time zone, set up internet connection, do I have a microsoft...
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    Move IE 11 Metro Address Bar To Top Of Page

    Hi, As I'm used to having the address bar @ the top of the page, (like it is in the desktop version)..it looks like MS would have offered an option to do so in the 'metro' version. I hope that some user can come up with a 'hack' to get that done. David :rolleyes:
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    GMail Issue in Windows 8.1 / IE 11

    Hi, I've posted this question in the answers.microsoft forum, but so far..nobody has given me a 'valid' solution on how to correct my issue. My posted question: I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 pro edition, which includes internet explorer 11. I still can't access my gmail account, I've tried...
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    Solved HTML Issue Using IE 10

    Hi, Is anyone else having the same issue as me..that is certain website's don't display properly. At least with me..it seems to be mainly on message board's that I'm a member of. I really don't feel like it's the IE 10 browser on windows 8 pro, I normally run the browser in the 'desktop' mode...