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    Flashing BIOS on a Toshiba C875D

    It seems that Toshiba is largely abandoning customer self-support for its laptops. I have a C875D-S7331 that is not registering any audio device. I suspect it was subject to a power surge, and would like to flash the bios. I've already tried driver updates. The Toshiba site shows version 6.10...
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    Solved Windows Modules Installer Worker - high CPU for hours

    I'm running a fresh install of 8.1 x64, on a C-60 processor and 4GB RAM. The system was fully updated, then today I did it again with about 175MB of updates. Since then WMIW has been consistently using a lot of CPU - 40 to 60%. I understand it should run for a while. I understand there are two...
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    WinRE cannot auto-repair Win 8.1 startup

    Hi folks, I have a Toshiba C855 laptop, which came with Win8. I restored an image of a fresh install of Win 8.1, from another Toshiba C855 with similar hardware, to its hard drive. Very often with Aomei backupper I have to run Windows repair on the install to get everything in order before it...
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    Solved Can't find active Administrator account on log on screen

    I activated the built-in Administrator account in Win8, but the account is nowhere to be found on the log in screen. Is not Ctrl-Alt-Del supposed to bring it up? Thanks, Paul
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    Solved License terms of $40 upgrade offer

    Hi, I had planned on upgrading one laptop to Win8 using the time-limited $40 offer, but now I'm instead selling that laptop. Are there any time limits to when the $40 upgrade has to be installed? For if not, I would buy it now anyway and install it a bit later on another machine. Thanks.
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    Win8 alongside XP

    Hi, I've got an installation of XP Pro on an 80GB hard drive. I've carved out 20 GB of space at the end, and I would like to install Win8 there to dual boot, in order to test how it does on the machine (IBM T60 laptop, 32bit). If I partition that space off beforehand, will things be...
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    Is there an upgrade advisor for Win8?

    Hi everyone, I'm considering upgrading my IBM T60 to Win8. The machine is beefy enough, but my concern is that the hardware might not be supported. There doesn't seem to be a webcam, but there is a fingerprint device, touchpad, etc. Is there a Win8 upgrade advisor, as there was with Win7...