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    Have you been waiting for a response?

    1. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed! If your post hasn't been answered in 48 hours, please PM one of the BSOD analysts with a link to your post. FYI - At times we do end up 4 days behind, so please be patient with us. 2. Also, if...
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    Screen artifacts when connecting with HDMI from VAIO

    My wife has a nice new VAIO laptop. We connect it to a Samsung TV with an HDMI cable. Initially there were video artifacts on the TV screen, but after some fiddling they seemed to go away. Today they have returned. I have tried another HDMI cable and it didn't help. The artifacts are only on...
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    HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12%

    HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12% Yesterday at work we ran into issues with 2 HP laptops freezing at 12% when doing Windows Updates. A search of the web suggested that it may have been due to several things. We found a workaround that seems to work for us: - a clean boot...
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    Suggestions for Freezing Problems (culled from other posts)

    This is just a list of the most recent freeze fixes compiled in this forum: As it seems a bit confusing, I've highlighted the specific instances in RED Feel free to add to this topic or to bump it back up to the top. FYI - AVG (and other antivirus') have been implicated in freezes, even after...