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    Is Startmenux safe ?

    Thanks for reply, yes it was that site and I did message them - they said it was false positive. Anyway I am still using Classic Shell which is discontinued but replaced by Open Shell which I've downloaded but not installed yet. I think StartMenu X is not free so I'll probably not be using it...
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    No sound in some website videos + Confused about Drivers

    Thanks again erpster4 but, as I replied before, the problem has righted itself somehow. So I am loath to install any new driver, especially one not listed for my machine. My browsers are always up to date. I shall stop watching this thread now.
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    Is Startmenux safe ?

    Malwarebytes browser extension is warning me not to download the Startmenux installation file as it is suspicious. Is there anything known about this file / application ? Thank you.
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    No sound in some website videos + Confused about Drivers

    Many thanks erpster4. This problem appears to have righted itself somehow and to be honest I had forgotten about this post. However, I will keep a copy of your reply for future reference.
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    Video playback very slow to start

    (No forum title for video so hope this is the right one.) Everytime I play a video it takes over 2 minutes to start, began to happen a few weeks ago but previously OK. This is when playing my own videos (avi, mp4 or wmv) with either WMP or VLC. But then a repeat play will start immediately...
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    Windows Apps appeared again - or not ??

    I'm certain I uninstalled all but 5 of the pre-installed windows apps ages ago but now they are all listed again in Start>All Programs although nothing happens when I try to open them. Only the retained 5 are shown in Iobit Uninstaller so cannot remove them from there. How have these entries...
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    Solved Question Re Adobe Acrobat

    PDF Shaper (free) will do what you want
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    Solved Cannot delete empty folder

    Many thanks Brink - Iobit Unlocker worked easily. It was Google Backup & Sync locking the folder.
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    Solved Cannot delete empty folder

    I have an empty folder on my desktop that I cannot delete because windows thinks a file in it is being used - there are no files in it ! And windows says the same even if I close all programs. Any suggestions please how to proceed to delete it ?
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    Debug.log appeared on desktop

    The attached file appeared on my desktop after the laptop restarted of its own accord. I was on a website which froze at the time (ismybillfair.com) but all was OK afterwards. Do you think I have anything to worry about - apart from a possibly dodgy website? Cannot upload file, contents as...
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    No sound in some website videos + Confused about Drivers

    Only recently videos played in some websites produce no sound output. But some others are perfectly OK. It's the same in Firefox and Vivaldi. System sounds and WMP are all OK. I wondered if a driver needed updating but I am totally confused by the following. In Realtek HD Audio Manager the...
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    Solved Downloaded Freefixer portable on advice from elsewhere. It found the orphan registry key and I deleted it. Now gone from Task Manager.
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    "Nor does it in Control Panel, Autoruns, Iobit, Ccleaner, Process Explorer or MyUninstaller." As stated in earlier post.
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    Just found out in another forum that there's a right click context menu option 'Command Line' on Start-up Impact in Task Manager which shows the path. The path is Program Files (x86) / Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. But that location does not actually exist! I did try that program but uninstalled...
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    I always uninstall with Iobit which normally removes everything after powerful scan. The "Program" entry doesn't appear in Whatinstartup. Nor does it in Control Panel, Autoruns, Iobit, Ccleaner, Process Explorer or MyUninstaller. I am at a loss! It's disabled and all's well so looks like I'll...
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    Unknown "Program" in Task Manager Start-up tab

    Anybody know what this "Program" is and whether it is safe? 'Open file location' and 'Properties' are both greyed-out. Search online is no help at all.
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    Why so many versions of Skype ?

    Trying to get to grips with new 8.1 laptop. It has Skype 7.26 pre-installed, i.e full program >80MB. But it also has "Apps" - Skype and Skype WiFi. Why do I need all these? Can I delete the Apps? (I'd probably only use the desktop program which I am used to.)
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    Advice please - DVD Flick

    Trying this since no DVD Maker on new Win 8.1 laptop. (Tanks Microsoft!) I put 2 .wmv videos on the disc, first one a photo slideshow, second one a home movie. It encoded and burned to disc OK as far as I could tell. But when I play with VLC only the first one plays. I can find the VOB for the...
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    Display names for Contacts in Outlook 2016

    I imported my Contacts from WLM to Outlook 2016. In the Address Book it has assigned Display names identical to the email addresses (it didn't ask!) I would like them to be the same as the Full (real) names. It appears I can edit them one-by-one but for >200 that's a pain. Is there a way to...