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    Solved Problem at boot

    When I turn on the computer, it always says "Your PC ran into a problem". The issue happens if coming from an off state or hibernation. Doesn't happen with reboots. Everything works after that, but I'm curious about the issue. It's a clean install with official drivers from Asus support site. A...
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    Solved "Your PC ran into a problem" in every boot

    I don't have a BSOD, but a PSOW (Purple Sign of Warning) :p Every time I boot my laptop, I get a purple sign that says "Your PC ran into a problem. This caused the system to restart". Everything seems to work OK, but it's annoying. It's worth noting that the issue only happens when I boot...
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    Amazon and AliExpress ads in almost every website

    Please help me, I'm clueless and desperate. :( My systems are always squeaky clean. Never had virus, spyware, trojans, etc. Not a single one. But two days ago, I noticed a constant ad, in almost every website. It's always the same one (screenshot attached). It happens in both Chrome and IE...
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    USB and Sound issues after replacing PSU

    I know this is not W8 related, but I'm desperate. :( My work PC was dead. Not sure what happened, but after replacing the PSU it worked again. But I have two weird issues: 1. USB Ports: Plug and play doesn't work. If I connect a USB device in Windows, nothing happens. But if it's plugged...