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    File Corruption From Latest Batch of Updates

    Something in the latest batch of updates (Image Attached) has resulted in file corruption as detected when running Sfc /scannow. The corruption is repaired but the same message reappears every time it is run. I have restored to just prior to installing the updates and do not have any...
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    Update KB3022345 Renamed KB3068708 ??

    Having decided not to reinstall KB3022345 because of the SFC issues I have kept it in my update bin. Not hidden just in the pending update list. So a little while ago I manual check for additional updates and to my surprise 3 new optional updates show up and KB3022345 is gone but upon closer...
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    Get Windows 10 Shows Up In Taskbar?

    So after a routine Restart this evening a new little symbol shows up in my Task Bar lower right corner. Isn't this a little early? Does this mean I could go ahead and upgrade to W10 if so desired? Is this just a fluke on my machine or is this showing up all over the place? This has happened...
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    The Scoop On KB 3022345 System File Corruption

    Not speculation any more. Funny how it seems to effect some systems and not others. I don't intend to reinstall again until more info is available. Windows patch KB 3022345 triggers apparent sys file corruption | InfoWorld
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    GWXconfigmanager.exe First Activity Noted (Get Windows X)

    Didn’t pay any attention at the time but when I installed Optional Update KB3035583 back on 3/29/15 it installed a bunch of files. Last night I noticed some activity from GWXconfigmanager.exe for the first time. Wondering if anyone else has seen similar activity. InfoWorld had an...
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    UNBELIEVABLE! 35 Important Updates Just Showed Up

    I know this is Patch Tuesday but 35.:eek: I am still working on a couple of issues resulting for some of the Optional Updates over the past couple of weeks. Looking forward to hearing how the install for these goes. I think I will wait a bit. :D
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    Solved Between Firefox & Chrome Which Do You Prefer?

    For the longest time IE has been my exclusive browser. I played with Firefox quite a few years ago but it has been so long I don't really remember much about it and I have never used Chrome much less installed it. I would like to have a second browser installed just so I can have some...
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    Solved Power Consumption With Hybrid Shutdown?

    Does a laptop on battery consume any power with hybrid shutdown? Considering the Windows 8.1 Fast Boot Enabled/Hybrid Shutdown feature. I was rather surprised to see the significant battery power drain during sleep as referenced in the attached article but I can't seem to get a definitive...
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    Solved Uninstalling HP Energy Star Software

    I recently purchased a new HP Laptop and am in the process of uninstalling all the HP bloatware. I am fairly familiar with the stuff HP adds but this Energy Star software is a new one. I have a 1yo HP Desktop and it wasn’t there when I got it new a year ago. I have Googled it and read what is...
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    Solved Suggestions: Temp Monitoring Program

    Looking for suggestions for a basic temp monitoringprogram. Don’t need anything elaboratebut would prefer something that is safe and has a proven track record as wellas something I can download without any extra unwanted crap. I have a new laptop and I want to get some baseline numbersbefore it...
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    Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 7 & 8 (Forbes)

    Probably not new to many but an interesting little article none-the-less. Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 7 And Windows 8 - Forbes
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    Deleting Windows Update Cleanup. Is It A Good Thing?

    I've had this desktop for 10 months now. OEM purchase with 8.0, immediately upgraded to 8.1 and have applied all updates to date including the ones today. Never had any significant issues. I have a 1T HDD with over 820G free space and will probably never use half of that. Freeing up disk...
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    Solved October Updates, WOW! That's A Bunch

    WOW! That's a bunch of updates. Considering how things have gone lately with the Patch Tuesday Updates I think I might wait for some feedback from others who have installed.
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    A Little Update To Update 1, No Problem

    I installed the big 8.1 Update 1 the day it was released plus an additional 2 updates following a restart so I was surprised to see another small update today Listed as KB2919355 2.6 MB but after installed it was listed as KB2959977. Installed, Restart no problems. Can't see any changes. Must...
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    Forbes Magazine Warning On 8.1

    This might get the attention of some that don't know it yet. Microsoft Abandons Windows 8.1: Take Immediate Action Or Be Cut Off Like Windows XP - Forbes OOPS! Didn't realize this was already posted in General Support
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    For Experienced Revo Uninstall Users

    New HP 500-075 running 8.1 Wanting to keep new PC as clean as possible and remove all OEM bloat-ware I have installed Revo Pro. Before using it I am curious as to what uninstall settings are most appropriate for the typical programs. Is the Quick Uninstall the best to use? or Is the manual...
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    What's The Benefit To Having HPDetect On Desktop PC

    New Desktop (HP Pavilion 500-075). Is there any significant benefit to keeping HPDetect on the system? When it runs it seems to require an unusual amount of CPU resources and it seems to run every several days and I can't find a way to set a schedule for it to run. Would there be any adverse...