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  1. Ztruker

    TUTORIAL: How to change device names in Device Manager

    This works in Windows 10. I just did it to my display which said Generic PNP Monitor. Now says Samsung C327F398 Curved Monitor.
  2. Ztruker

    windows 8.1 admin password reset

    If you can't do it from WinRE, boot a Windows 8 or 8.1 Install disk or flash drive. On the 2nd menu, take the Repair Computer path, everything else is the same as in the link I provided.
  3. Ztruker

    SFC SCANNOW and DISM RESTOREHEALTH - Repair Corrupt Files

    Working this over here: Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk - Page 90 - Windows 10 Forums
  4. Ztruker

    SFC SCANNOW and DISM RESTOREHEALTH - Repair Corrupt Files

    Thanks Shawn. I just realized I'm in the wrong forum as well, S/B tenforums. /Source:esd:full_path_to_install.esd is what I need then. Tried it, still get an error. I'll play with it some more later.
  5. Ztruker

    SFC SCANNOW and DISM RESTOREHEALTH - Repair Corrupt Files

    Trying to run this on a Insider 15042 build and getting this error after selecting option 3 then 2. =============================================================================== Press 0 - Use the Source:ESD:Install.esd as Repair Method ( soure:esd: ) Press 1 - Export Install.esd to...
  6. Ztruker

    Libraries disappeared?

    You responded to a post that is two and a half years old. Good answer though :)
  7. Ztruker

    How to reverse: cmd attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*. and hit Ent

    The only way I can think of for you to reset would be to do a System Restore to a date before you did this or restore a backup image.
  8. Ztruker

    The best possible way to fully format my laptop ?!

    No new needed. Once all partitions are deleted, press Next. The installer will create and format the partitions it needs.
  9. Ztruker

    F9 factory reset not working on ASUS notebook

    Look at the Users Manual: https://www.asus.com/Notebooks/E402MA/HelpDesk_Manual/ starting on page 77 for recovery options and how to access them.
  10. Ztruker

    SFC SCANNOW and DISM RESTOREHEALTH - Repair Corrupt Files

    DropBox is blocking image_health now, too much traffic. Would be great to get these tools hosted here.
  11. Ztruker

    Can I Still Upgrade?

    If you have the Windwos 8 ISO and the install key then you can install it any time you want. You can also Clean Install Windows 10 directly without installing Windows 8 first.
  12. Ztruker

    Command prompt quesstion

    On my Win 10 Pro system, %cd% appears to hold the last cd (change directory) target you entered.
  13. Ztruker

    around 750 gb space missing

    Install Treesize Free and see what it shows you. Probably something to do with System Restore and/or Shadow Copies.
  14. Ztruker

    Increase Command queue limit reached (1000)

    You should post this in a Vista Support forum, like General Discussion (vistax64)
  15. Ztruker

    Windows 8.1 will not install.

    I see you have 32GB ram, how about removing half then try the install. I've seen cases where this has helped. If using a wireless mouse/keyboard, try USB. Make sure noting external is connected other than mouse and keyboard. Disconnect from the internet until the install completes.
  16. Ztruker

    DLL errors + The application was unable to start correctly

    Definitely try a System Restore: How to Do a System Restore in Windows 8 and 8.1
  17. Ztruker


    No, all traces of Windows 10 will be gone. If you want a way to easily get back to Windows 10, create a backup image to an external hard drive using a program like Macrium Reflect Free.
  18. Ztruker

    Windows 8.1 will not install.

    Disconnect all but the SSD you are going to install to. Use Rufus and create a flash drive for UEFI and MBR. Setup your BIOS for whichever one you want. Boot the flash drive. Delete all partitions on the flash drive so it is completely unallocated. Click next and let the installer create the...
  19. Ztruker

    Solved The color of windows changes after pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del

    Ah, okay. Have you tried updating your video driver? Please fill out your System Specs so we know what you have. See here: How to See Your System Specs with "System Info" Also, are you modding your theme? If yes, try a standard theme.