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  1. XweAponX

    Battery drains suddenly from 18% to 5% , laptop hibernates

    Well I have a Dell Vostro (Intel i3) that does exactly this, from 18% right down to 5. If you have a warranty, you may be due a new battery. Sometimes a new battery will be bad. Might have a bad cell or something. But I would train it first to see if it still does this. Just use the laptop until...
  2. XweAponX

    8.1 freezes up Once in <5minutes untill fully Turned off

    HDD or SSD hard drive? If HDD, your drive may be experiencing a smart power failure. Find out the make of your drive, and you should be able to download a tool to test the drive integrity from the maker's website. Or look for GWscan, which can test a variety of drives. (You'll have to create a...
  3. XweAponX

    Icons look jagged and crude

    Try running your Cleartype Wizard too, it's in the same area as nt62's first image. Sometimes that fixes it up.
  4. XweAponX

    Windows 8 won't boot

    If the drive is MBR, there is a tool to repair the MBR in Minitool partition Wizard. If you right-click on the very left space on the drive, you'll see a "rebuild MBR" selection. But before you try that... It sounds like you'll have to rebuild your BCD. There should be a tutorial in the...
  5. XweAponX

    Opera Neon new concept browser is born

    Great, I'll do that. NEON is a godsend, it works so much better. I was only using Firefox because Chrome would take sometimes 5 minutes to come up after invoking it. But I can keep Neon running without impacting my already poor system performance.
  6. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    Thank you, for your help, I ran Memtest, for quite a while, no issues there. However, I found out what this is. I knew it was Hardware, so I checked all of my HDDs. One of my main storage drives has a SMART Power issue, the power will fail randomly. I should have known, this has happened before...
  7. XweAponX

    Opera Neon new concept browser is born

    Well I have been using NEON Exclusively in all of my machines save my main Tower, mostly because I have all of my Financial Site PW's saved in Firefox and I don't remember a few of the passwords for my dozens (hundreds?) of Tech, Blog, Movie, Music, and financial sites I log into daily. I love...
  8. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    Sorry, I filled up that other post with edits. If it's policy that I should keep on editing the other post before making a double post, I apologize. But this is starting to be a big problem now. This has got to be Hardware, 2 different power supplies, two different OSes, Win 7 has severe app...
  9. XweAponX

    Battery drains suddenly from 18% to 5% , laptop hibernates

    How long ago did you purchase this? In the past, I have had to "train" my laptop batteries. You do this by using the laptop on battery until there is absolutely no juice to start it up, charge it again, to full - Try not to overcharge it, then use it on battery until it absolutely will not...
  10. XweAponX

    Opera Neon new concept browser is born

    Hm. Well, I'm using Neon right now. I like it better than Firefox or Chrome, Firefox won't even play any pages that have HTML5 players embedded, and I visit a lot of those. Mostly Indie music sites where I have playlists stashed. Neon plays them though, it;'s a nice browser. As long as I don't...
  11. XweAponX

    Storage in 2017: Big improvements are on the way

    For the last 15 years (Ok maybe not a full 15, I was using IDE drives at the same time) I've been using sata hard drives, MBR hard drives. When working with 160 GB/320 GB/500 GB/1 TB drives, you develop certain skills with dealing with those and habits when you do replacements or repairs. My...
  12. XweAponX

    Opera Neon new concept browser is born

    I used to use opera occasionally in the past and I tried to use it on my XP machine just last week to no avail, I had no idea they were going through any difficulties. I always thought it was a nice decent alternative browser. And this deals with HTML5... It kind of uses the idea of the...
  13. XweAponX

    Opera Neon new concept browser is born

    I'm installing it right now. That's a very interesting browser, I like this. I wonder if it works in windows XP? I got a nice kick in the rear when I opened Firefox and chrome in my windows XP machine last week, both of them reject the HTTPS protocol now. I tried downloading several other...
  14. XweAponX

    Office 365 Planned Service Changes for 2017

    I see headaches on the horizon for certain outlook users. Thanks for the post.
  15. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    it's slmgr.VBS /dlv, thanks. It renews every 30 days, it just turned over actually, I have no idea why it's like that, it's always been like that, ever since I originally installed it. This machine has been running 24/7 that way since I joined these forums. My activation may be messed up...
  16. XweAponX

    Hiren boot problem in UEFI boot mode

    You might have to set your machine to Legacy Boot mode to be able to boot from that, it's a setting in the BIOS. If you have UEFI, you won't be able to boot from any external media that's not in the default paths allowed by the system. You may have to burn it onto a real CD, if your Optical...
  17. XweAponX

    How do I Bring Back the "Everyone" Permission in RegEdit?

    hm, my post vanished? This is a tool I've been using for years, suddenly I can't mention it. Well, to make it more succinct, I use Registry PE to connect to the remote registry of the drive where my Windows is installed to repair any registry screw-ups. It has worked well for me for years. I...
  18. XweAponX

    Have you been waiting for a response?

    I posted this yesterday, Since then I have successfully run DISM and SFC, which seemed to help a little. The system went a whole 24 hours before it bugchecked again. I'll wait for whoever can take a look at it, but it's baffling me cos this has never happened in the years I have had this...
  19. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    I could not upload the zip to here, I have uploaded it to Dropbox. Thank you Dropbox - WINDOWS8-PC-Fri_01_27_2017_171950_62.zip I managed to run the full DISM restore health, it's definitely found some corruption and said that it fixed it. I'm running and SFC /scannow just to see if...
  20. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    I moved my Motherboard and all HDD's, and PCcards into a different case about 2 days ago and I just started gertting this particular Bugheck, it's the 1001 0x80000000000000 The only thing I changed was my Power supply, to a Mad Dog power supply, I assumed it had enough power to drive an AMD, it...