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  1. XweAponX

    Solved New Bugcheck BSOD's, 1001/0x80000000000000

    I moved my Motherboard and all HDD's, and PCcards into a different case about 2 days ago and I just started gertting this particular Bugheck, it's the 1001 0x80000000000000 The only thing I changed was my Power supply, to a Mad Dog power supply, I assumed it had enough power to drive an AMD, it...
  2. XweAponX

    Need a copy of Windows 8.1 chk version from MSDN

    Don't know if I can ask for that, a developer friend needs just the acpi.sys file from it. If anyone can do it, that would be great, thanks.
  3. XweAponX

    iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak MAY happen...

    Cross Fingers: https://www.sektioneins.de/en/blog/14-05-18-ios711-jailbroken-and-ios-kernel-exploitation-trainings.html
  4. XweAponX

    My Windows 8 Partition

    Just want to see if anyone has any ideas, my 320 GB HDD which was my Windows 8 partition in this machine needs to be copied, I really need the Data from it. I have a replacement Hard Drive, but the 320 gigger won't stay spinning, it stops after about half an hour if that long. SMART says the...
  5. XweAponX

    I'm an Ensign!

    I just got my first Gold Pip! Just call me "Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher" hahaha.
  6. XweAponX

    Apple iPhone/iPad users: iOS 7 Jailbreak is here!

    evasi0n iOS 7.x Jailbreak - official website of the evad3rs I was given an iPad Mini for Christmas, which came with iOS 7. I use iOS 6 on my iPhone, have that jailbroken so I can unlock the Hotspot and tether stuff to it, like laptops when I don't have access to WiFi. I use Tether Me for that...
  7. XweAponX

    Solved UEFI Boot removed after HP Updates

    This brand new HP Pavilion Laptop had a UEFI Boot entry in the BIOS. I used the HP Support Assistant to update the HP functions and programs, and it downloaded a new UEFI diagnostic which it installed as a partition on the drive - It was already there to begin with, but the new version removed...
  8. XweAponX

    HP's "Quickstart" acts as a "Start Menu"

    I just saw this on a new HP laptop I am working on, it actually makes a kind of Program Menu, so if you don't want a full Start Menu like Windows 7, you can use this to just have links to your Programs: The HP Quick Start Application (Windows 8) | HP® Support Installation Causes a reboot so...
  9. XweAponX

    Windows 8 stuck in High Contrast mode

    Can't get to Personalizations. Can't get into Ease of Access. It just says "Page Won't Load" How do I turn this hideous thing off if I cant get to Ease of Access or Personalization?
  10. XweAponX

    Windows 8.1 S+++ Ar++!

    What a pile! There is so much extra protection on folders and files that I cannot even perform a simple slipstream op. folders and files that I have complete access to do not have complete access when running a command script. This is what I saw in the Preview, and it's even worse on the "real...
  11. XweAponX

    Solved Not sure where to put this: Trying to Dupe a Hard Drive

    I'm using Partition Wizard Home v 7.8. I know the source drive has a small area with bad spots that show up as "Not Ready" (error NRDY) when I used ViVard to try to block them off, most of the bad sectors got moved but there are a few sectors near the beginning of the drive that just stall up...
  12. XweAponX

    Does "Sync Your Settings" also Sync File Associations?

    Because I didn't think so, but now it seems maybe they do: http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/30938-windows-8-1-bat-file-glitched-4.html#post289755 The only thing I can think of is that this person was using an MS account and had Synced his Settings including File Associations, so that...
  13. XweAponX

    Solved "My Computer/Properties" causes Desktop to Reload

    Just as it says, if I right click on "Properties" in My Computer and try to pull up the System Information sheet, the whole desktop shuts down and then re-opens. I am running an AMD Athlon 4400+, overclocked 7%. I am going to set it back to 5% and see if this continues. I have this entry in my...
  14. XweAponX

    Welp I did it I installed 8.1 pre-vyoo

    What a horrible OS! But I used the first preview. I found a later one. First off, it CRASHED during installation (Into Parallels). When it finally came up, I was "Administrator: and no way in blazes to add a new user, the add user button don't do anything. So I deleted that VM. I found another...
  15. XweAponX

    Solved Moving my Media PC partition using Partition Wizard 7

    Suddenly, the Acronis program I used to always use for partition copy, won't detect my USB mouse and KB. So, I'm having to do it with Partition Wizard 7. I've never used that to move a system partition, are there any issues doing it that way? The only other program I used to use for this kind of...
  16. XweAponX

    Solved Computer Nightmare.

    I was brought a Compaq GM5072 to fix about a month back. The HD was OK so I was able to grab the guys info and put it into a loaner machine I made for him. No sweat there, he needed to do his taxes, couldn't get to his invoices. So I ordered a new Motherboard for the system, from a guy on Ebay...
  17. XweAponX

    Solved System loads "Temporary Profile"

    I found two items in the "Found.000" folder, "systemIndex.1.crwl" and "systemindex.1.gthr" - This happened after I did a full GWscan and another CHKDSK on the drive which found errors. It started booting like normal, but it showed "Preparing Windows" when it got to my Profile. When the system...
  18. XweAponX

    Solved Welp, it happened again- Media PC System Disk got Wracked

    It has been over 2 months since this last happened. I think it was because I had to do a couple of forced reboots on my Media Machine, and I did not check the drive after I did it, I used CHKDSK from within windows 8 and it said I was OK. But I neglected to check for Read Element Failure using...
  19. XweAponX

    Odd security entries on my main PC

    They look like this: Log Name: SecuritySource: Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing Date: 6/25/2013 9:28:37 PM Event ID: 4624 Task Category: Logon Level: Information Keywords: Audit Success User: N/A Computer: ASUS-PC Description: An account...
  20. XweAponX

    Solved New/Old Surround Sound system

    I just got a whole Kenwood VR-209 Surround System with the 15" Woofers, Center Speaker and Rear Sperakers, the 200-Disk CD Changer, Dual Cassette deck and everything that came with it, for a very good low price. So, I plugged my HDTV into the "Video 2" Dolby Digital/PCM using an RCA Coax Cable...