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  1. J

    Solved Computer keeps restarting

    Hello, Just started having problems with my machine, it keeps restarting randomly, no blue screen just crashes and restarts. I have attached my Dm log for perusal if someone could be so kind.
  2. J

    Trouble seeing drives

    Hello all, I've just installed win 8.1 on a new motherboard and cpu, previously win 7. I'm trying to get the set up the same as the old having 3 different types of plug in removable drives in the case. So far Win 8.1 will not recognise the drives when plugged in and turned on. I suppose it's...
  3. J

    Solved new refurbished laptop

    Hello All, I am the proud owner of a refurbished Toshiba laptop, which looks really nice not a mark on it, I hope the inside is good too. This is the first Win 8 machine I've had, previously win 7 which I love and still own 5 machines with it on. Now it being a refurbish, the documents and...