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    Failed to upgrade to Windows 8.1

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 PRO. Though, every time I try to install it, it reaches around 82% and then it stops to give an error code. 0x8007004 I think... Anyway, I've done some researching and apparently the update does not work unless the user directory is...
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    How to run Metro apps and use Snap feature on low screen resolutions

    Hello, everyone. Have you ran into this message: "This app can't open The screen resolution is too low for this app to run. Change your screen resolution" This tutorial will teach you how to run metro apps and use the snap feature on computers that run less than 1024 x 768 screen resolution...
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    People App crashing?

    Every time that I open the People app this morning, it keeps on crashing. It just shows the logo along with it saying 'App Preview'. Then it just shows up the start screen again. I saw the left taskbar to see if it's still running, and it is. I click it again and again it takes me to the start...
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    Solved Microsoft Security Essentials working!

    I have just download MSE on the Windows 8 Developer Preview and it works just fine as it should. Currently running a scan on it...
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    Windows 8 Should Embrace New Computing Paradigms

    Read more at: Windows 8 Should Embrace New Computing Paradigms - Softpedia
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    Windows Live Skydrive Wave 5 overhauled – in time for Windows 8

    Read more at - Windows Live Skydrive Wave 5 overhauled – in time for Windows 8
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    Windows 8 Build 7955 not install in Virtualbox.

    Hello, I've been trying all day to install Windows 8 Build 7955 in Virtualbox, but it doesnt not seem to work. At first, I tried VMWare, but I recently saw that it doesn't support for Windows 8 yet. Then I was told Virtualbox works, and well, for me, it didn't. I've checked Youtube, and other...