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  1. thatmanbrian

    Modify Windows application backgrounds

    What I'd like to do is change the default white background in my browsers and applications. I've used utilities like WindowBlinds etc but they don't do it. Isn't there a simple setting somewhere please? As you read this, you are seeing black text on a bright white background.
  2. thatmanbrian

    Messed up formatting new drive

    I installed a WD Black 4Tb internal drive and when asked, selected to initialise and format it as GPT. Then I created three simple volumes and all was well. Then I made the big mistake of deciding I didn't want that and tried to install it again as an MBR drive. I did something wrong somewhere...
  3. thatmanbrian

    Email hijacked?

    Today, Sunday at 16:00 GMT I received a dozed failed delivery notifications in my inbox. I haven't been using my email. I host a couple of websites with Zyma.com and use EMAP email and Thunderbird. My desktop is secured with AVG and Malwarebytes running all the time and spot scans by other...
  4. thatmanbrian

    Partition or Map drives?

    I am shortly replacing 3x 2Tb hard drives with a Western Digital Black 4Tb in a major reorganisation of my system. Currently my drives are not partitioned and folders have become badly organised as I was led to believe that partitioning wasn't a good idea nowadays. A few folders are mapped...
  5. thatmanbrian

    Solved Control Panel question

    Win 8.1 64 In Device Manager, my five drives are listed by device name but further down also by volume name as "portable devices".
  6. thatmanbrian

    slow loading of explorer file lists

    Win 81. 64 16Gb RAM When an application lets me browse a folder to find a file, the window it opens always displays files in name order even though the sort by date column is set in Explorer. Eventually (ofter after two minutes!) the display rearranges itself into date order. Related is this...
  7. thatmanbrian

    explorer behaviour

    Win 8.1 64 up to date Windows Explorer opens to show a lot of stuff I don't want, mainly a list of folders which are also listed seperately under the Library heading. I only want to see my five hard drives listed. How can I do this please. An ancilliary question re Libraries. All my 'library'...
  8. thatmanbrian

    Win8.1 disk manager having trouble formatting USB drive

    Win8.1 seems to have problems with an old Iomega external hard disk. The drive is SATA and the Iomega casing adds a USB connection with one cable for data and the other for extra power if required. In the past I had totally reformated the Iomega drive and got rid of the DVD ROM emulation...
  9. thatmanbrian

    explorer forgets sort order

    I have many folders (with a couple of thousand files) configured to display sorted by date. When using software and needing to open a file from within the program, it opens what looks like an Explorer window. However, the sort order is always by name initially and it takes a minute or so to...
  10. thatmanbrian

    Win 8.1 Explorer search slow or alternative

    I have five hard drives. A total of 7Tb of data! Windows Explorer is often too slow searching for a file name from the search box. I've read that windows indexing isn't very good. Is there a way to improve it or better yet, an alternative please?
  11. thatmanbrian

    Win 8 64 installation error 80300024

    I made a stupid error (see my footnote) and crashed out of a fresh install. Subsequently I got a refusal to install to my boot drive with error code 0.80300024. My mobo has UEFI and I've had problems with Win8 and UEFI before. To give me a clean drive, I ran Linux live and repartitioned the...
  12. thatmanbrian

    Add/Remove not fully populated

    I've noticed my Add/Remove list is pretty sparse with lots missing. Any idea how to repopulate it as a program I want to remove doesn't have a visible uninstall file in its folders.:cry: Win8 64 up-to-date
  13. thatmanbrian

    high end pc not as fast as others?

    I was looking at the show your WEI thread and noticed most people had better processor results than mine. The Asus P8Z UEFI is set at defaults as far as perofmance stuff goes so my query is for any advice with this particular mobo on how to improve the cpu performance. The HSF is a beefy...
  14. thatmanbrian

    Solved Live Desktop

    Since upgrading from 7 to 8, I've been unable to use my Windowblinds and Stardock are still saying it isn't going to be ready till sometime in the first quarter of this year. I've also been looking for animated wallpapers for Win8 and failed. What has Microsoft done to Win 8 to make...
  15. thatmanbrian

    Explorer issues and empty folders

    Opening a folder in file explorer often shows it empty when I know it isn't! Also if I try to delete the "empty" folder, explorer reports it has found x number of files and is preparing to delete! If I quit that and look in the folder there are the files. I also have issues with file explorer...
  16. thatmanbrian

    Zipper trouble

    For the past couple of days I've been downloading many zip files from reliable sites and most won't open and are reported as corrupt. I've Win 8 64bit and tried 7 Zip and others. I also downloaded an iso and that opened fine. Any ideas please?
  17. thatmanbrian

    Screen resolutions for photographers

    A website for Photoshop plugins is running a poll asking what screen resolutions people are using. It has only just started with less than 100 replies but is still interesting: I'll update it if significantly more people take part. But it shows that for users using photo imaging software, the...
  18. thatmanbrian

    Solved Win 8 CP taskbar display oddity

    You can see on my taskbar 10 blank windows. There is nothing open though. Clicking any one of them makes them vanish. i5-2500k 16Gb Ram AMD HD 5700 with Catalyst Beta 4.2
  19. thatmanbrian

    Catalyst and Win 8 and 126 openGL errors

    Update: As discussed, AMD/ATI graphics cards using the Catalyst driver can cause problems related to OpenGL. For example, in LR4 edititng a file in CS6 results in Photoshop disabling the graphics GL accelleration and some plugins report a 126 error. I found that AMD's Catalyst 4.2 Beta Support...