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    Dell Venue 8 Pro -slow Disk Clean up

    I tried to upgrade Dell Venue 8 Pro with 64Gb emmc to win 10. It failed many times. I wanted to clean Disk. When ever I tried to clean up Disk with added cleanup system files, it took me more 6 Hrs in every time. Anyone face such issue? Any solution to reduce this.
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    Macrium PE/AOMEI PE - intel HD4000 graphics not working

    I tried both Macrium reflect and AOMEI for backup and PE building. In both softwares PE built shows minimum resoltion of 800x600. It does not take into the installed Graphics adapter Intel graphics HD4000. Is there any way during PE building, the drivers for intel HD4000 can be included in the PE?
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    Change from HDD to SSD in ASUS S400CA laptop

    As I thought it may be useful to some one in my shoes, I am posting below what I did. Aim: To change to SSD before switching over to Windows 10. Research: 1)Selection of SSD Search was made for brand and size. After lot of search in may sites regarding performance and comments by...
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    SIW2 EasyPE help required

    I have downloaded version v21. I made iso. It runs ok. 1) I am not knowing many buttons present and their utility. If any one can explain, I will be thankful. After going through posts in 7 forum only, I made this. 2) Screen resolution is poor. I have intel HD graphics 4000. How to get 1366x768...
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    Solved reagentc /info error

    When I execute reagentc /info in admin mode, I got error. Then I did scanhealth and restorehealth with dism. Still I get error with that command as attached in pic below. I had windows 8 when I bought and then upgraded it ti 8.1. So far it works ok. Pc settings|update &...
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    windows 8.1 create install disk-language

    Create install disk for windows 8.1 in MS site asks for Language. It shows only English(US) or English(UK) as options for English. My laptop has English(India). Creating and installing will have any adverse effect?
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    Change in diskpart info

    I haveAsus S400CA upgraded from windows 8 to windows 8.1. With same windows 8.1 I had diskpart was showing HDD info as below on 30 May 2015 as follows Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation. On computer: LVGASUS Disk 0 is now the selected disk. Volume ### Ltr Label Fs...
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    Solved Notification icons and removed programs

    I have removed SpyHunter and HPNotify programs and regedit and its find does not see those words also. But still customise notification icons area shows those icons and options. How to get rid of them for those removed programs.
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    stopping news background task host using net bandwidth

    I have disabled off line reading of NEWS app. Still news background task host runs and accesses internet and consumes bandwidth. How to stop news background task host consuming bandwidth.
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    Solved missing photo gallery option in context menu in dell venue

    I have ASUS S400CA windows 8.1(upgraded from windows8). When I right click for openwith for jpg,png files, I get option of opening with Photo gallery. But in my Dell venue pro tablet with Windows 8.1, I don't get this option. Any way to get it in dell venue 8 pro?
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    Skype video problem in Dell venue 8 pro.

    I have Dell venue 8 pro with windows 8.1. When I run skype, self video enlarges to show only face only, where as in my ASUS S400CA, normal video of self and others in neighbourhood. Will it be problem of software or hardware? Is there anyway to get normal video from dell venue 8 pro?
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    Asus S400CA with windows 8.1 will support miracast or not

    I have Dell venue 8 pro. I have seen in forums that it will support Miracast. Whether all windows 8.1 machines/or machines with windows 8 upgraded to windows 8.1 will support miracast? Or is it machine specific? If so how to find out whether ASUS S400CA with windows 8.1 will support miracast?
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    Dell venue 8 pro- installing click to run 2013 office to D

    I would like to install 2013 home and student click to run office in D: drive. Is it possible? If so how to do it?
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    Dell venue 8 pro-dataram driver verification error

    I have Dell venue 8 pro having windows 8.1 , 32 bit version with 2GB memory. When I start dataram program(same version 4.3, which works in my laptop having 8GB memory) as admin and with settings as 11 MB as ram disk and fat16 partition, do start ramdisk, drivers are installed and when starts...
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    new boot options-boot options info

    Even after restoring EFI partition to original after upgrading to 8.1, I have two boot options to boot into into windows. 1)Windows boot manager 2)OS from hard drive. Both boot into windows. Why this happened. Any help, Please?
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    Upgrading to Windows 8.1 from 8 in ASUS S400CA

    After reading lot of issues in net for last two days, I upgraded all ASUS software and drivers from ASUS support site first. Specially Express cache software needs to be upgraded before upgrading to 8.1 as per ASUS site. Then I started early morning to update as to avoid rush in downloading. I...
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    Solved Desktop app missing

    Today I saw desktop app was missing. Any one faced the same? How to get it back.
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    remote controlling windows 8 laptop

    I keep my laptop with standard windows 8 on. But when I go out, I would like to remote control laptop using ipad or android tablets. I tried teamviewer. It makes lot of data traffic. But I am not sure whether that is optimal compared to other free remote control softwares available. I tried...
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    Solved BSOD in My ASUS S400CA- BAD_POOL_HEADER(tcpip.sys)

    BSOD occurs frequently in my ASUS S400CA laptop. It is having i5-3317U,8gbram with windows 8. I get error as BAD_POOL_HEADER(tcpip.sys). I am attaching SF Diagnostic tool output. Kindly help me in solving this.
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    ASUS S400CA - upgrading to SSD

    I have ASUS S400CA-UH51T. It has 500GB HDD and 24GB Sandisk U100 SSD as cache drive. I want to know 1) whether it is possible to upgrade ssd to higher specs say 256 GB and clone drive partitions of HDD to SSD and make it bootable? 2) if above is not possible, can we clone drive partitions of...