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    Store doesn't open

    I had the same problem, but a restore point fixed it.
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    VLC app for Windows 8 planned release Monday, March 10

    I can't get it to install all I get is pending.
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    Is this Surface's biggest problem?

    If the surface pro is priced too high why are they so hard to find due to being sold out?
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    Icons pinned to taskbar slows internet speed

    None of them had anything to do with the internet, but it worked.
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    Icons pinned to taskbar slows internet speed

    I use start 8 on both my windows 8.1 desktop and my tablet. My internet speeds were okay, but I wanted more. Based on the speed tests that I ran, it appeared to me that I was on Comcast's performance starter getting download speeds of 7.37mbps and uploads of 15.65. So I called Comcast to see...
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    Digital painter considering getting Windows 8 tablet.

    Tablet PC Forums, Discussion and Support If you search you will find threads concerning your questions.
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    Digital painter considering getting Windows 8 tablet.

    Check out tablet pc forums and Microsoft Surface forum for assistance.
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    Surface Pro 3, Pro 2, and Pro Firmware and Driver Packs

    I just downloaded the firmware, but I'm hesitant to install it, my surface pro is working without any problems, I'll wait for now.
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    Windows Easy Transfer win 8.1 to a win 8.1 machine

    Some years ago I bought an easysuite transfer cable to move files between my desktop running xp and a tablet running Windows 7. When I had to replace both with an hp desktop and Surface pro both running Windows 8.1, I needed to transfer a large number of files between the two so I gave the...
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    Solved HBOGO problems w\ windows 8.1

    A person in another forum indicated that he was having problems with HBOGO after upgrading to 8.1. I went to the HBOGO site and I can hear the video but no picture. The site does not give an error message to indicate the problem. If I go to my xfinity account I can view HBO content. It seems...
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    Gimme my Windows 7 back!

    I hated it too, for the first few days, but after I became accustomed to it, I like it now.
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    Solved copy files from WinXP to Win8 PC's

    I had a similar problem my 11 year old xp desktop computer's motherboard gave up the ghost, so I had to buy a new windows 8 computer. I needed all that data off the old drive so I purchased a hard drive enclosure, now I have access to all my old data.
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    New to windows 8 - just got MS surface pro-give some tips

    This person has been at different forums posting this same questions. Searching and reading are your friends.
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    Downgrade to Windows 7 problem

    Microsoft does not want people to be able to downgrade from 8 to 7, that's why they made it so difficult. If it was easy many would have done it, and I'm not talking about duel booting or virtual. I'd love to have a surface pro with windows 7.
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    'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines

    My daughter had this happen to her laptop, with vista as the os. Malwarebytes pro was useless. Hitman pro free edition took care of it.
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    Intel could give Windows 8 break it has been waiting for

    I turn my car off in the fast food drive through, if the line is slow, also when waiting for a train.
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    Solved Somebody please help me!

    If you have access to another computer go to the hitman pro site. They have the information on how to install their software on a flashdrive. My daughter had this happen to her on vista laptop. I don't know if it works with windows 8, but it's worth a try.