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    Repeated Limited Connectivity on WiFi

    I recently moved to a new apartment where I share an internet connection. Since I got here, I've been having repeated 'limited connectivity' errors on my WiFi connection. Whenever I get these errors, the troubleshooter 'fixes' the problem after resetting the adapter, but it continually comes...
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    People tagging of photos using details pane

    Hello. I've been trying to re-organize my photo collection. Previously, I had been using Windows Live Photo Gallery to tag my photos, and admittedly it was convenient. Recently, though, the program has gone on the fritz to where thumbnails aren't loading so it's harder to differentiate photos...
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    Folder metadata

    Hello, I have a question regarding folder metadata. I'd like to customize folders to include metadata so they can be sorted and filtered in library views. I do know of the existing desktop.ini workaround, which does do what I'm describing, but when working with hundreds or thousands of...