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  1. azasadny

    Good review and comparison here...

    Protection for Windows 8.1: 24 Security Packages Put to the Test | AV-TEST
  2. azasadny

    Good info here...

  3. azasadny

    Me, during Desert Storm...

    Way back in 1991...
  4. azasadny


    When will tenforums.com be up and running?
  5. azasadny

    My bourbon barrel arrived!!

    I just ordered a 10 gallon (40 liter) wood (white oak) bourbon barrel from a distillery in New York and it arrived on Friday. Since this barrel was used once for bourbon, I'll be able to reuse it 3 times to age beer that I brew. My buddy is coming over this Sunday and we'll each brew a 5 gallon...
  6. azasadny

    Yahoo ad network used to spread CryptoWall ransomware

    Even the legitimate sites server up malware... August 11, Softpedia – (International) Yahoo ad network used to spread CryptoWall ransomware. A researcher at Blue Coat Systems identified a malicious advertising campaign that uses the Yahoo advertisement network to distribute malicious ads that...
  7. azasadny

    Antivirus Software Isn't Very Secure, Researchers Find

    Antivirus Software Isn't Very Secure, Researchers Find
  8. azasadny

    Don't download anything from http://en.softonic.com/

    The Free software downloads and reviews - Softonic is serving up malware, which is located in the "Softronic Download" stub that is downloaded prior to getting the software you want.
  9. azasadny

    Java Updates Should Continue to Work on Windows XP

    Java Updates Should Continue to Work on Windows XP (July 14, 2014) In response to earlier reports to the contrary, Oracle's vice-president of product management in the Java Platform Group says that Java updates will be pushed out to machines running Windows XP, and that the patches should...
  10. azasadny

    CNET attacked by Russian hackers, user database stolen

    July 15, Help Net Security – (International) CNET attacked by Russian hackers, user database stolen. CBS Interactive confirmed that media Web site CNET was compromised after attackers claiming affiliation with the Russian hacker group W0rm stated that they were able to obtain databases...
  11. azasadny

    Critical design flaw in Microsoft’s Active Directory

    July 15, IDG News Service – (International) Critical design flaw in Microsoft’s Active Directory could allow password change. Researchers with Aorato identified a flaw within Microsoft’s Active Directory which could allow attackers to change a victim’s password and use the new password to access...
  12. azasadny

    Performance differences with RAID versus Storage Spaces

    On my Win 8.1 Test PC, I had Storage Spaces set up and this was my performance... I then setup a 3 disk RAID6 array using the same hard drives and an Intel RS2BL080 RAID card... Does this look right?
  13. azasadny

    Vulnerability in Microsoft Anti-malware engine

    Serious vulnerability in Microsoft’s anti-malware engine​Yesterday, Microsoft released a security advisory informing customers about a vulnerability in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, which is found in several products including Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and...
  14. azasadny

    We're very proud of our son!

    Our son, Daniel was accepted into Berklee College of Music’s online Music Production program and we are very proud of him and thankful for this opportunity! He's been going to college part-time and working part-time for the past 4 years and this online program will get him the degree and...
  15. azasadny

    Has anyone else here received this email?

    Has anyone else here received this email? From: DRAM Settlement Administrator Sent: ‎6/‎11/‎2014 12:04 PM To: [email protected] Subject: DRAM Antitrust Litigation Thank you for filing a Claim Form in the DRAM Antitrust Litigation. Your friends, family, and co-workers can also get up to...
  16. azasadny

    Solved Found the cause of my BSOD's...

    I built a system for my son's girlfriend (MSI 970A-G46 motherboard, AMD FX-6300 CPU, Corsair H60 cooler, Crucial 8GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB SSD, 2TB WD Hard drive, EVGA GTX-760 video card, Corsair 300 case, 14" case fans and a DVD RW drive. The system loaded Win7 (and Win8) just fine but after a day...
  17. azasadny

    Solved Cannot install latest NVIDIA drivers on Win 8.1 Pro...

    Fresh install of Win 8.1 Pro, all patched and everything else is great but I cannot install the NVIDIA drivers or the GeForce Experience software for the GeForce GTX-760 video card. This is what I get... Can anyone help? Thanks!
  18. azasadny

    Has anyone here seen Godzilla?

    Godzilla is an excellent movie! I strongly recommend it, especially if you don't care for "monster movies". Lots of destruction but no gratuitous violence and no gore, just a very good story, pretty good characters and excitement. Humans were shown at their best, no pandemonium. I left the movie...
  19. azasadny

    My latest overclock...i7-930 at 3.8Ghz

    Baseline at 2.8GHz, followed by overclock to 3.8Ghz Specs: i7-930 D0 Rev,. CPU Seidon 124v CPU cooler (liquid), with two fans in push/pull ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard 12GB Crucial 12800 DDR3 RAM 150GB WD Velicoraptor HD MSI GTX-650 video card Corsair 200D case with 4 x 140mm fans Win7, soon...
  20. azasadny

    Recent AV tests/eval, take it for what it's worth...

    The Best Antivirus for 2014 | PCMag.com