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  1. elbmek

    IE11 and screen Sizes

    I have come back here because I have an IE problem but in Win 10. IE11 icon on desktop would not open in max (not full) view so it was suggested I go into properties and change screen to max - it worked great and IE11 opens every time on max BUT - all my net icon shortcuts on my desktop continue...
  2. elbmek

    IE11 Uninstall?

    My sister has a laptop on 8.1 and IE11. IE11 is refusing to let her do any surfing or emails, but Chrome is fine. So it must be IE11. I went 'down the lines' to try and remove IE11 and to re-install a new version to no avail. It wont uninstall and it wont lket me delete folder. Her computer...
  3. elbmek

    Strange Message

    I originally posted this in 10; as I thoguht my friend was on that, but no, he is on 8; so copying it to here: 'my computer says I can only print from apps' ?? Any ideas? Dont think I know this one as its never happened to me
  4. elbmek

    Solved Logitech Mouse & Win 10

    Whilst doing some work, my mouse suddenly 'failed', cursor frozen nothing in mouse. After plugging in another mouse, I checked device manager and found that Win 10 had installed it as an Hid complaint mouse. So I went to logitech, downloaded smart installer (win 10), it would not work, refused...
  5. elbmek

    PC Messing About

    This morning my wifeput on the pc and went to her desktop, she has been been in for a long time now. She got a Hi! screen and a message that We are setting this up for you!!!! Then it asked her how she wanted a shortcut opening although its been on IE since day one (it does not use FF). HUH...
  6. elbmek

    Win 10 - Not Yet

    i am currently having my pc checked over by a support company, down the tubes, in an regular checkover. We were talking about 10. He said dont put it in yet. He is getting reports of pc's crashing and refusal to run drivers and other mishaps. He said to leave it for about 3 months to see if MS...
  7. elbmek

    Screen Flicker

    Over past two days noted a flicker on screen, notably in top bar area of FF and in a game, Not constant but there occasionally. Nvidia GeForce GTX 750ti on 24 inch iiyama flat screen wonders if anyone after recent update applied?
  8. elbmek

    Movie Maker & Viewing results

    Been experimenting with on board video in car via my phone, then making it in Windows Movie Maker. First point: when I switch to WMM screen goes blank, then comes back until I close WMM and screen blanks, then comes back on (using HMDI lead from pc to monitor). Second point is when file is...
  9. elbmek

    Hotmail via Outlook

    I've not been taking much note of emails regarding hotmail because mine was fine, yes, was. Now I am not so sure. I have been using hotmail via outlook as my main email for about a year now. I am still on 8.1 awaiting 10, so was wondering if it will working properly in 10. Anyway...
  10. elbmek

    Screen Blackout

    Since I put my pc on this morning, I have been getting sporadic screen blackouts when viewing video. eg: watching news video which goes blank, then back on, blank back on etc. So I tried it in youtube, same problem and also in NASA tv live. Then I came in here and started asking the question and...
  11. elbmek

    Intergate gmail with 8.1 mail app

    Windows Mag June 2015 on page 44: How to integrate gmail into win 8.1 Mail app. I believe someone was asking about this a while back. I dont think I can scan the text into here as it belongs to the publisher/author (Nick Odantzis).
  12. elbmek

    win 10 - off topic!

    was in another thread - deleted how do I delete my own post?
  13. elbmek

    Win 8.1 upgrade to 10

    Several links and articles all point to a 'free' windows 10 upgrade to everything on Win 7 and over. I was curious. So I downloaded what I was told would be the means of installing win 10, an ISO file and I also downloaded something (8gb) called a Technical preview but was linked at Win 10...
  14. elbmek

    Video playback in Facebook

    My pc, only recently, has began not to show video's in Facebook. I checked Youtube and that works fine and my video folder works ok (home vids etc). I checked Java and updated it, to no avail. What else should be checked?
  15. elbmek

    Solved D Drive Access

    Hw do I access the D Drive (Windows Re-install) in my packard Bell laptop? Windows screwed up and I want to reinstall in, from scratch, off the D Drive. I got a meesage from a third party repair system that the D Drive was locked, and I couldn't access it. I tried my win 8 Pro disk but it...
  16. elbmek

    d3d window - HUH?

    when my daughter closes her account down it stalls stating 'hidden d3d window' not responding. (end task) Its also on my wifes account. I did a search for that subject - nothing Anybody know? I am wondering if its a part of one of her programmes or maybe nvidia ?? Its not on my account shutdown
  17. elbmek


    IE11 has flash installed apparently but it wont run. Palemoon runs perfectly with Adobe Flash but cant get anything in IE? I get a warning banner, IE need permission to run Adobe Flash - 'allow' - but it does nothing.
  18. elbmek

    Slideshow Failure in Email

    When I get an email with an image(s), if I right click and click on 'view with slideshow', I get a blank window and the message "activate Silverlight" - It is active? Also this has only recently appeared and used to work before Ideas?
  19. elbmek

    Lenovo Products

    If you have one of the above tablets/notebooks; you need to go to the url attached below and download the removal tool and run it. This is not a scam, it is directly from AVG to all its customers. According to Lenovo, Superfish may have been pre-installed on the following models: E Series...
  20. elbmek

    Solved Make hotmail default

    I think I posted this a while back but got no notifications. Can I please ask again: I have gmail as my pc mailing default, but have changed to hotmail. But hotmail is not listed in default programs in the CP?? I want to make hotmail default. all it says in defaults is 'make my current email...