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  1. Dirty Butter

    Solved How to Disable Camera completely?

    I've seen tutorials for disabling the Camera on the Lock Screen, but how do I disable the camera completely?
  2. Dirty Butter

    Solved Compressed Folder Tools Suddenly Grayed Out

    I'm on Windows 8. Compressed Folder Tools is all grayed out. I was able to zip and decompress files recently. I tried adding the context menu extract commands, per one of the tutorials here, but I get the right click heading without any choices. Any suggestions on how to get this ribbon...
  3. Dirty Butter

    Solved Advice Buying a Windows 8 USB dual band Wireless Adapter?

    I would appreciate some help deciding on the best purchase of a USB wireless adapter for my Windows 8 computer. I use a Netgear WNDR3700v4 dual band Router, but sadly have discovered that my Windows 8 computer's network adapter only receives 2.4Ghz. Thanks to our cordless phones - I lose...
  4. Dirty Butter

    What's the Point of Start Menu for NON Touch Screen PC?

    I'm struggling to see the purpose of the Metro Start Screen unless the computer has a touch screen. Other than the Apps and the few Live tiles - programs I've installed open on the regular desktop when I click on the tile. Am I doing something wrong, or is that the way it should be?
  5. Dirty Butter

    quickly turn ClickLock on/off

    I currently have a taskbar shortcut to Mouse so I can fairly quickly turn ClickLock on/off when I use Outlook. I need this because I have so many nested folders that it's a real issue if I accidentally move a folder inside another one. Is there any way to create the shortcut for just the...
  6. Dirty Butter

    Solved This installation is forbidden by system policy.

    I've looked at the Group Policy Search with Azure, but I don't have a clue as to how to find the correct key to add to the Home Group Policy in the registry. I need to get rid of whatever policy is causing this error message every time I try to install Corel's PaintShop Pro x5 in D:\Program...