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  1. Bare Foot Kid

    Solved Windows 8 / Windows 7 Dual-Boot - Set Boot Default

    Over at our sister site Seven Forums in this thread there was a big confusion about the best way to set the default boot menu to use during PC start-up, I too was a part of this confusion. I fooled around and found MSCONFIG is still the best, easiest way to set the default boot-menu to use...
  2. Bare Foot Kid

    Solved Windows 8 / Windows 7 Dual Boot

    Just a heads-up to anyone fooling around with the new Windows 8 and may want to dual boot with an existing Windows 7 and don't want the related boot issues when it may be time to remove the W_8, it'll be just as simple as a right-click delete to totally remove it in Windows disk management...
  3. Bare Foot Kid

    Windows 8 Major Improvements

  4. Bare Foot Kid

    Gesture recognition to Windows too.

  5. Bare Foot Kid

    Windows 8, beyond Windows 7