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    Optimizer please?

    I have used Revo Uninstaller Pro and Piriform's ccleaner for some time now -- they do just fine if used cautiously, carefully, and not "candy-stored".
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    Windows 8 updates/problems with installations

    How much byte-space is on that HDD?
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    Solved Can't Find Windows Media Player??

    How did you find it? I want to learn what you did :)
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    joke thread

    If you do not have time to make backups, from where will you get the time to reinstall everything and recreate all the data?
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    Missing files?

    $70, is that all? You gain a program that you can use "forever" -- and you just get everything back in usable form.
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    How to reduce the size of Windows 8.1

    Update on WMP, after a repair install, WMP and windows features returned.
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    best free tool to remove image.exe

    What has google or bing suggested so far?
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    Win 8.1 install frustration

    PaulB and Snick over in sevenforums have a collection of tools that should work for w8 -- there might have to be a little tweaking done on the tools for w8 or 8.1. Just noticed OP post date...probably fixed by now.
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    Request: Please make Windows 8.1 updates reinstall Bluetooth drivers, if accidentally deleted?

    You would have to, with device specs in hand, go to the manufacturer's drivers page, download and install.
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    How to reduce the size of Windows 8.1

    Take heed if/when you touch Windows Prime -- I touched Windows Media Player, and so far, I am unable to install again. This is for Windows 7 Pro, I am not sure if W8 will be likewise.
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    Cursor response freezing and Chrome browser "resolving host" issue

    I'm wondering if the USB bus on the motherboard is "overwhelmed" now and then. I'm only guessing wildly because I'm a Windows 7 person, and even my usb mouse/keyboard is inactive for some seconds from time to time. I have an external cooling assembly with 4 USB ports, it uses 1 laptop usb...
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    Fan noise increases when watching youtube videos

    I use an external USB-powered cooling fan assembly for each of my two laptops -- I do not mind the noise at all, I would worry if the noise stopped, no fan noise means no fan means laptop get hot not just warm eventually causing a sudden shutdown without warning.
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    How to disable desktop.ini and thumbs.db creation completely? (8.1)

    desktop.ini -- appears throughout my Windows 7 everywhere, because I do not desire to meddle within Windows 7 prime, I simply use a search-for and then delete desktop.ini files from time to time. I realize Windows 8 is not the same as my Windows 7, so you might get away from internal tweaking...
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    Windows startup delay

    I am not on computer forums like I used to be, cannot walk you through any process, however, I can advise the usage of autorun or anything similar to autorun. And, many have advised using Speccy to generate a lengthy report of what is under the hood.
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    What are the things you should do after a motherboard change?

    Have you discovered what are the things slowing down the computer boot and load? jv16 Power Tools has a module that will monitor and report on your windows load to desktop time; I have not used it extensively, I cannot report on what it reports and how it reports. I mention jv16PT just to give...
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    Sudden Slow Boot

    How did you move all that stuff from the older SSD to the new SSD?
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    Solved Slow Folder Opening

    Don't forget to stream-line your AV and AM protection. I use Emsisoft AV/AM as the main gate-watcher. I don't have any constantly scanning/logging, scanning/logging operations going on in the background except for Emsisoft.
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    Accumulating problems on W8

    I'm at school, cannot walk you through this. Download, install, run both MiniToolBox and Piriform's Speccy. Save all logs not on your desktop, rather save all logs somewhere in your Data partition area. Others in the know might ask you to post parts of those logs, and if so, will tell you how...
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    Solved Slow Folder Opening

    On my computer, my background-running security and monitoring software often causes pauses within explorer operations. This might be a cause in your computer.
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    Advice Required: My C drive keeps getting filled

    Elsewhere, somebody was having a C-drive fill-up, and other posters suggesting using any one of free utilities that give either percentages, graphs, color charts, etc. of which directories are loaded the most all the way to which directories are nearly empty.