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  1. Syncopator

    Solved Old Paint Shop Pro no longer works on Windows 8.1

    I have installed and re-installed Paint Shop Pro 7 on this system several times (having had to re-instal and/or repair the OS). After the lastest repair, Paint Shop Pro doesn' work. The system telling me that "This app sic can't run on your PC". I assume that an update to Windows has...
  2. Syncopator

    New Sandboxie download warning.

    Having recently reinstalled Windows 8.1, I wanted to reinstall Sandboxie. However once downloaded I got the message "The signature of Sandboxieinstall.exe is corrupt or invalid." I have never seen this before, and I've had to reinstall it several times on previous operating systems and on...
  3. Syncopator

    IE11 doesn't display Yahoo email correctly.

    In IE11, Yahoo mail's list of folders is present down the left side of the browser window, but the major window for the mail is blank. In Chrome there is no such problem, all mail is listed. What might be wrong in IE to cause this?
  4. Syncopator

    Enabling hidden Admin account.

    There are many "solutions" to this on the net, but they all say to enter the following from an elevated command prompt net user administrator /active:yes This doesn't work for me. (There is only one account on this machine - Administrator) I need to do this so that I can rename a file...
  5. Syncopator

    Can't update (error code 8007371B) or refresh Windows 8.1

    I have had Windows Update set to inform me when important upgrades are available. Whan I went to download and install the latest batch it was unsuccessful. I got error code 8007371B. Update history had a long list of failures. I found many references to this problem via Google and tried...
  6. Syncopator

    Can't run Microsoft's Flight Simuilator 9 on Windows 8.1

    It has been suggested that the trouble I'm experiencing is due to having reinstalled Windows 8.1 to get rid of unwanted software installed by the PC's manufacturer (HP) and not clearing the BIOS. I trust that it doesn't infringe any protocol of this forum (I can't see that it does from the...
  7. Syncopator

    Paint, and the earlier mspaint, Text window doesn't open.

    I use both the in-built version of Paint, and the earlier mspaint which I copied from XP and pasted into Windows 8.1. Both have been working until this evening, when their Text windows stopped opening. Not knowing what else to try, I ran the system file check, and rebooted, but that has...
  8. Syncopator

    Favourites in columns instead of a list?

    My list is very long and it takes a correspondingly long time to scroll to the lower entries. Is it possible to list them in columns instead?
  9. Syncopator

    Windows recording mixer. Where is it?

    I had been able to record anything heard in the 'speakers with Cool Edit Pro. I am no longer able to. Clicking on Options in Cool Edit, then on Windows Recording Mixer, I am presented with the message: File not found Can not find the mixer program "sndvol32 /r". (Tech note: an alternate...
  10. Syncopator

    USB ports stopped working.

    On my Hewlett-Packard 110-412na machine running Windows 8.1, the USB ports stopped working a couple of times recently Since USB is the only interface between keyboard and rodent, and I waited 20 minutes or so, I had to switch the machine off and back on again. I looked in Device Manager...
  11. Syncopator

    System 32 and Personalisation screensaver lists different.

    There are 11 screensavers and "(None)" in the Desktop/Personalisation/Screen Saver list. Some of them were added by software installed since the operating system was installed. One of them was made with Axialis' Professional Screen Saver Producer. In the System 32 folder there are only 7...
  12. Syncopator

    Favourites in IE11

    I am finding Windows 8.1/IE11's "Favourites" to be an absolute nightmare :mad: I can elect to "Add to favourites" or "Add to Favourites bar". Many of the URLs I have added to either of them don't show up anywhere. I have had to search History in order to return to a viewed site How...
  13. Syncopator

    Solved Windows found driver ... but encountered an error

    After installing the software for a Hantek 6022BE digital 'scope, Windows couldn't install its driver. (The software covers several models, so when the unit is first plugged in it searches for the relevant driver.) It presented this window: An enquiry to the manufacturers via email...
  14. Syncopator

    Windows 8.1 wakes up only with keyboard, not mouse.

    Before I reset the system it would wake up from either a key press or a mouse movement. It now wakes up only from the keyboard. The l.e.d. beneath the mouse is not lit until a key press is made. How can I enable wake-up from either again?
  15. Syncopator

    Solved Replacing Bing search with Google search

    I have done this several times, but I no longer see Google Search listed at Internet Explorer Gallery How else can I do it?
  16. Syncopator

    Solved Import Bookmarks from Chrome to IE.

    Chrome has the facility to import IE's Favourites. Is there a way to do the opposite?
  17. Syncopator

    Unable to open folder unless it's in another folder.

    I have a folder which contains graphic items. It had been stored as a back-up on an external hard drive. Subsequent to reinstalling the operating system from a disk image, I found that I can not open the saved and reinstalled folder if it is on the desktop. If I place that folder within...
  18. Syncopator

    Solved VMware Player unrecoverable error.

    After reinstalling Windows 8.1, I then installed VMware Player (free) and XP Pro. When I try to run XP I am presented with a message "unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/cpuid.c:382 bugNr=1036521" Unfortunately there seems to be no support for the Player's free...
  19. Syncopator

    How to impose Guest account restrictions?

    In anticipation of receiving a visitor who might want to use the internet, I would like to set up a guest account. I want to prevent access from the guest account to all system files and folders and, of course, to everything in my account, and prevent downloading or installing anything. I...
  20. Syncopator

    Virtual machine in Windows 8.1

    Will the procedure in this link /www.howtogeek.com/171395/how-to-get-windows-xp-mode-on-windows-8/, using VMware Player, work in Windows 8.1 ?