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  1. davidross

    windows 8

    hope this is in the right place, excuse my apologies. i have a HP Altec windows 8 64bit laptop and had this on my screen saying i need to upgrade to 8.1 or 10 as windows not doing no more updates on windows 8. i have a disc for windows 8.1 but don't know how to boot from CD. i watched a video...
  2. davidross

    Solved how 2 get rid of windows 10

    :think:Hello and good morning,i have windows 8.1 laptop and at the bottom left corner next to my security flag is the windows 10 icon, every time now i switch my toshiba satellite laptop on i will be greeted with windows 10 ready to install on your device now....is there any way of removing...
  3. davidross

    how 2 get rid of icon windows 10

    good morning to you all, i am running windows 8.1 and loving it, i have a icon on the booton of my screen for windows 10 which i did try but found it was slow as it just rides on top of my windows 8.1 how do i get rid of this icon? i have to be carfull when updates as its always a tick to...
  4. davidross

    Solved VLC Media player

    Hi all, is there a VLC Media player for windows 8.1 64bit ? seem to have a 32bit VLC and having small issues when i open it.
  5. davidross

    Solved windows 8.1/10

    hi, just need to ask if i got windows 10 on my windows 8.1 it will go over my ios 8 so will it slow my laptop down in any way shape or form ?
  6. davidross

    Solved windows 10

    hi, i upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 all my other software works fine and fire fox but google will not open, it will keep searching then i get the wait or kill notifaction on the screen. when on windows 8.1 i use to open it by adminstrater but its just searching when i open or try to...
  7. davidross

    Solved windows 10

    hello to you all, i have a new laptop a month old payed £300 for it on windows 8.1 i have a link on the 29th for windows 10, i take it this would wipe of my windows 8.1? is this a good or bad move ? i'm happy with what i have now and don't no alot about this windows 10 on windows 8.1 thank...
  8. davidross

    windows 10

    i have windows 8.1 and i have a reserve link to windows 10 end of this month will it be useless on windows 8.1?
  9. davidross

    Solved profile picture

    sorry if this is in the wrong section, just wanted to know how to upload a profile picture on my profile? dose not give the upload option. thank you just found out how to do it so sorry if i wasted any ones time.:thumb: :think:
  10. davidross

    Solved Dvd/cd rom drives

    Hello, i use convert to dvd 4 to convert and burn my files onto disc... everything was going nicely till today when it open it up and got this message BURN NO WRITER FOUND ONLY ISO IMAGE DESTINATION IS AVAILABLE.. i check device manager and TSST corp CDDVDW SU-208GB is in a yellow triangle,, i...
  11. davidross


    I have a new toshiba satellite windows 8.1 and downloaded Apple iTunes for windows 8.1. It loads fine till I connect my USB Lead to my laptop into my iPhone 4s And all I get is this repeated sound as there's a error but yet when I connect it back to the plug to my phone it works fine. Then I...
  12. davidross

    Solved Mouse

    I have a bran new toshiba satelle C50 came with windows 8.1 on it. The laptop before this one I used a cordless mouse via usb connection. But it would jump pages like one minute I'm on Twitter then next I'm on Royal Mail track and trace and this would happen for about 12 months. So I put the...