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    WLM Win 8.1 Emptying all folders

    A friend of mine is having problems with her Windows Live Mail. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when she uses her Red X in the upper right corner to close the mail program she will get this message. When she opens WLM again every folder will be empty. Inbox-Sent Items-Junk...
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    WLM all messages deleted, after message on closing

    WLN is completely emptied, Inbox, Sent Mail, and Deleted Mail, after getting a pop-up message when closing about being used by another program. Clicked on the pop-up message to close it, and when WLM is opened again all the mail is gone. This started after the last updates from Microsoft. Do...
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    Solved How Do I find my system 32 files

    I'm trying to download some DLLs to use for my Paint Shop Pro program and I need to put them in my System 32 files, and I can't find System 32. I new at working with this Win 8 so please be gentle with me. I received the 2 dlls in a zip folder. I opened them and saved in a folder in Documents...
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    Solved Where do I find Windows Media Player for Win 8

    I just got my new Win 8 computer and going crazy trying to get the thing set-up..I'm not tech savy at all. I looked on the internet and was really confused. I just have plain Win 8, no pro. Then I notice about media player for N and NK. I have not a clue what that is all about..I'm an old lady...