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  1. vrosa

    PCCHIPS 580LMR - BIOS, Keyboard and HDD problems !

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to revive a very old computer here. It's a 15 year old machine. I intend to install Windows 2000 on it. It's more for fun, I really don't need the machine, anyway it's very annoying not to get it working. Problems: 1) It doesn't matter the kind of keyboard I put on it...
  2. vrosa

    Can't remove pendrive "readyonly" attribute !

    I have a 8GB Kingston pen-drive that refuses to be formatted. I noticed that it's write protected and tried to make it usable again, but nothing works. First I tried DiskPart as follows... C:\WINDOWS\system32>diskpart Microsoft DiskPart versão 10.0.9926 Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft...
  3. vrosa

    VMWARE Webcast (PT-BR)

  4. vrosa

    HP Sleekbook A10 - A way to increase HD8610 Shared Memory?

    I recently bought a new ultrabook. It's a HP Sleekbook ENVY with AMD A10 APU and HD8610G integrated graphics. It's pretty fast, but the graphics are not that good for gaming. It shares only 768 MB of my dual channel DDR3. Is there a way to increase the shared memory?
  5. vrosa

    Corumbá is really hot !!!

    Hey guys, I've arrived in Corumbá (MS) three days ago. I have already taken temperatures up to 47°C in Mozambique, but nothing compares to 42°C under high humidity. At this moment I'm posting that before I shut down........... :sleepy:
  6. vrosa

    No boot and no fan activity (Z87-Plus)

    Hello, I decided to execute a general maintenance on my working computer. I cleaned all parts and contacts with isobutyl alcohol and changed the thermal compound I was using for Artic Silver 5. Now I'm facing a strange scenario. All the motherboard leds turn on when I turn the PSU on but the...
  7. vrosa

    VBOX 4.3 Error

    I'm trying to install XP32 on a VM in a W8.1 host but I'm getting this: :confused: ~edit~ This is on a Phenon 8750X Triple-Core Any ideas?
  8. vrosa

    Call of Duty: Ghosts - Massive Memory Leak !!!

    Recently I started to receive Windows messages asking for closing the game to avoid data loss. I noticed hat Ghosts was using around 28GB of RAM. I am running the game at "extra quality" settings on the specs below. I never had such issue before. Is there a way to limit the game memory...
  9. vrosa

    Computer stops working after offboard VGA removal

    I'm not sure what's going on, but after I remove the off-board VGA card from the rig it's not booting anymore. It doesnt even beep when I turn it on with no memory module. I tried to reset BIOS but still no go! I'm starting to pray! :confused:
  10. vrosa

    What are your Linpack burn test results?

    Here's my results: AgentGOD GUI for Intel Linpack Benchmark https://www.xgamingstudio.com/files/IntelBurnTest.zip ~ 120 GFlops :) Intel: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-math-kernel-library-linpack-download
  11. vrosa

    Win 8.1 on P4 Prescott 2.2 GHz

    Do you think it would be worthy to install 8.1 on this old piece of hardware or should I go with XP or even Server 2003? Specs: MB: Asus P4P-800 CPU: Pentium 4 (Prescott) 2.2 GHz RAM: 3GB DDR 440 MHz (2x 1GB + 2x 512MB) VGA: Geforce 7600GT 256MB Considering the minimum requirements it's...
  12. vrosa

    Problem with 8GadgetsPack - Multiple instances

    The software has been working fine for months, but now it freezes at startup with multiple instances of its Network Monitor II and System Monitor II gadgets. I have been trying to resolve that all day along, but nothing. 1st try: Uninstall >> Run CCleaner >> Reboot >> Reinstall :mad: 2nd...
  13. vrosa

    AeroGlass - Version 1.2 for Win 8.1

    Version 1.2 (RC4) now avaiable to Win 8.1 too ! Aero Glass for Windows 8 It also has an installer. 100% working :)
  14. vrosa

    All in One Update Installer - Nice Tool

    All in One Runtimes Download Freeware: 358 MiB Useful to install these updates specially on old Windowws XP machines
  15. vrosa

    What's on your menu today ?

    One more "What ... today?" thread ! Corn Mash Carioca Beans Rice Yellow Carrot Chicken with Okra :)
  16. vrosa

    Baidu Antivirus - A Good Light Weight One

    Baidu Antivirus | Professional Antivirus + Ultrafast Cloud Security :)
  17. vrosa

    Start Citizen Video Promotes PC over consoles & mobiles

    http://vimeo.com/51135962 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ The game is scheduled to enter alpha phase in Q3 2013. :)
  18. vrosa

    Brazil x Spain - What a Great Game !

    MY BET IS: BRAZIL (4) - SPAIN (1) Lets see ! :party: VIDEO LIVE UPDATES: Brazil Vs Spain, Confederations Cup Final 2013 - Story - 3 Sport - 3 News
  19. vrosa

    Microsoft To Discontinue Outlook.com Linked Accounts

    Read more: Microsoft News | Microsoft To Discontinue Outlook.com Linked Accounts In Favour Of Aliases :zip:
  20. vrosa

    Decor8 and WindowFX support for Windows 8.1 Preview

    Stardock Updates Avaiable :)