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    Win8.1 waking up from hibernation .... waiting forever

    Hi MGhee, Thanks for your help. I actually never evaluated to use Sleep mode! Effectively it is a nice solution. It is working flawlessly for my needs and obviously faster than Hibernation. :cool:
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    Windows 8.1 Pro No Celeron N3350 HD 500 Drivers

    I own a laptop with N3540 and I can see the Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIAI GeForece 820M. According to X541NA | Laptops | ASUS Global your PC also use Intel HD Graphics. Try to look for Intel web site or run Intel® Driver & Support Assistant
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    @nrabus: First of all run CMD with Admin rights and check your system integrity with a sfc/ scannow . Then running a non-reliable software to check drivers could not be a great idea. You may not know which garbage could be installed together with the supposedly up-to-date drivers. So I...
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    Win8.1 waking up from hibernation .... waiting forever

    Edit: I pressed again much longer the power button and it rebooted again...this time. But which maintenance could be done in order to obtain a flawlessly wake up from hybernation? :confused: A scandisk and hard disk SMART status are fine. Also a sfc /scannow reported no integrity violations...
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    Win8.1 waking up from hibernation .... waiting forever

    Good morning, A laptop with Windows 8.1 sometimes locks itself in 'Waiting' mode with rotating cursor after a regular hybernation command chosen in the previous session. Unfortunately sometimes it takes forever. Today it is one of those times. In the past, ahead of these events, brutally I...