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  1. drugo

    why do i have so many ethernet connections ?

    Hi windows 8.1 pro 64bit connected via lan to the th router and i can't understand why i have so several networks lans (this happen only with w8.1 not with w7 or w10) look the screenshots i don't use comodo , i have eset smart security 8 installaed and updated:think: thanks
  2. drugo

    can't login in 1 site ,only 1 why?

    Hi i tried to login to https://1x.com/ with w8.1 with the last update i tried firefox , chrome and explorer this is weird , because i can login with w10 and w7 and i can login to all the other site but not https://1x.com/ cleaned cookies and so on and it's very weird , i can't login with...
  3. drugo

    KB3044374 is there a way to uninstall this update?

    hi is there a way to uninstall KB3044374 ? thanks
  4. drugo

    change inactive windows color ?

    Hi Brink may i ask you a question ? i want to change the inactive border of the window like http://www.eightforums.com/customization/74051-can-i-change-inactive-windows-color.html do you think that i can change it? i took a screenshot of my windows active and for photoshop the colors are 156...
  5. drugo

    can i change inactive windows color ?

    hi can i change inactive windows color? like the screenshot , where i have put the red arrow thanks
  6. drugo

    why do i have to many adapters ?

    Hi may i know why do i have so many adapters under network? :eek::eek: my w8.1 pro 64bit is legit and the only program i have running is eset smart security 7 (nod32) my internet provider does support ip6 i guess thanks
  7. drugo

    metro mail hangs and doesn't work sometime

    Hi i'm writing here because i guess it a general problem sometime my metro mail doesn't work i gives me these errors both errors google translated wwahost.exe program version 6.3.9600.17415 no longer interacts with Windows and was closed. To see if it provides additional information about...
  8. drugo

    Solved why no warning when i run a program downloaded ?

    Hi may i ask you why my legit windows 8.1 pro 64bit full updated doesn't warn me anymore when i run a program downloaded form the net ? for example if i download a program like process hacker under w7 i have a window like this under w8.1 i haven't it and i have never changed any settings...
  9. drugo

    windows update error , can not install 2 updates

    hi today i performed the last update for my windows 8.1 pro 64bit i did get any warning but in my event i found this even type Error source Microsoft-Windows-WindowsUpdateClient and my windows 8.1 is legit ,thanks i perform another check for new update -> no important updates availbe ...
  10. drugo

    Solved what is it this warning ? backup encryption key pop up

    hi for the first time after almost 2 years i got a warning about backup the encryption key i have never used bitlocker or truecrypt look the screenshots please in english is " back up the encryption key file" the english version of this window is
  11. drugo

    why today appears the virtual keyboard on my system tray?

    Hi i have not installed new programs , no update yesterday i haven't such icon today i boot up my pc and i found out this icon why does it appear today? and from today , i can see it start at every boot :( can i disabled it? thanks
  12. drugo

    why my legit w8.1 pro lost my email password?

    Hi i can not understand why my legit windows 8.1 pro 64 lost my password for example i'm talking about mail metro app sometime , i try click on mail and i get the screenshot above and all the settings are gone ,reset sometime it asks to switch to a microsoft account but i have a local...
  13. drugo

    wd ses device in the important update

    hi today i did check for new update and the windows 8.1 updater found an important update western digital techologies-other hardware-wd ses device but i haven't western digital hard drivers ..it'a laptop with a ssd installed did you notice such upate? thanks
  14. drugo

    can i drag and drop a file to an metro app?

    Hi i have isntalled dropbox app for windows 8.1 i tried to drag from explorer a file to dropbox app without luck i run dropbox app on the the right side of my monitor and explorer on the left tried to click on a file and drag to dropbox without luck thanks
  15. drugo

    w8.1 app how can i stop to work in background?

    hi i have installaed an app and a warning pops up google translation well how can i change it later ? how can i know which apps are working in background ? and how can i stop them? thanks!
  16. drugo

    may i know your favorite metro applications?

    Hi may i know your favorite metro applications? the apps you liked more and rate more thanks
  17. drugo

    may i know which application is that?

    Hi browsing the net , i found this screenshot can you please tell me which application is in the screenshot? thanks
  18. drugo

    w8.1 pro can i enable Aero Glass without installing prog?

    Hi i'm watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSqXoGYElXI i run w8.1 pro 64bit , but i haven't enable transparency i guess it's only on w8 and not in w8.1 i try to find on this site under tutorial but no luck is there a way to enable it without installing program (have a thirty...
  19. drugo

    how can i upgrade shockwave flash for firefox and explore?

    Hi i use mostly firefox ,how should upgrade shockwave flash for firefox ? via w8.1 update or download from adobe? for internet explorer , i know should the w8.1 updater ,right? thanks
  20. drugo

    why doesn't mail app keep my user and password ?

    Hi i have windows 8.1 pro 64bit with all the updates local account well , about the mail app , in the start metro it doesn't keep my user and password i have an account in outlook , well i insert my user and password and it connects but after some days seems it lost my user and password in...