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    Force system file to use nvidia instead of intel

    So, i have a laptop with optimus graphics (intel/nvidia), and i'm looking for a way to run windows system files with nvidia graphics. Small info : laptop bios doesnt have any settings about optimus graphics, so we are talking about in-windows solutions only. The thing is, that its not only...
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    Windows 8.1 disable search bar completely

    When i play games or do other full screen stuff, and when i press alt+tab to go to desktop, it shows "search pane" and opens me charm bar with search bar only in it... I have classic shell installed, i have disabled all that broken metro stuff, from hot corners, charm bar, to start screen, but...
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    Windows 8.1 x64 broken icons

    So, i noticed this bug long time ago, but now i decided to try to solve it, because i will be using this os for long time now. When i try to delete files or something, and when i get a windows to confirm my actions, there is a big icon on the left side, and that icon has a black line on it, how...
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    Bad cpu power management

    Win 8.1.1, I noticed, that sometimes windows fails to manage cpu frequency - i was watching 1080p flash videos with chrome, and i noticed that it lags much, but it has never laged before. So trying various things i noticed in task manager, that when i start video, cpu stays at its miserable 800...
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    Windows 8.1 lower disk speed than in win7

    I always noticed that while windows 8.1 boots maybe faster than win7 in about a second (cant tell the difference without tests), the disk performance is lower than in windows 7, and it actually runs slower (can tell the difference without tests). Running slower by that much isnt normal. These...
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    How to uninstall metro apps

    How to really uninstall metro apps ? There is "uninstall" option in start screen, when you right click an app, but its a fake one as it only removes the shortcut... There still is a few gigabytes of metro apps files left after all that "uninstall". Also, how to remove that silly apps list from...