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  1. martienne

    How to know for sure what Windows version I have.

    I'm using an "old" gaming PC that originally belonged to someone else but that is nagging about upgrading to Windows 10. I want to get this done before the cutoff for free license and use it for multimedia since it has some great multimedia programs installed already. However he has messed...
  2. martienne

    Time to complete DISM and matching installation source

    I am trying to complete DISM on my Windows 8.1 installation to get it into tiptop shape before upgrading to Win 10. But despite trying countless times I haven't succeeded. My questions are: How long is the sort of upper limit of waiting for DISM to complete? It's been at 40% all night...
  3. martienne

    SFC /scannow can't fix all problems and DISM hangs at 40%

    SFC /Scannow can't fix all the errors on my Windows 8.1 installation. I repeated SFC several times as I know it sometimes needs multiple execulations to solve all problems. But no luck. I've tried running Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth which is a fix for the first problem. But that...
  4. martienne

    "Change the background colour of start" does not open

    Strange behaviour in Search function in Windows 8.1 Metro Metro is not functioning as expected on one of two machines that have the same cloned disk. It's very surprising. Original machine = Desktop Asus: Does not work Laptop = Laptop Asus i5 - C drive is a clone of the above: Works The problem...
  5. martienne

    How long is the free Windows 10 upgrade available for?

    I have delayed upgrading to Windows 10 due to concerns about privacy in Windows 10. How long is the free upgrade offer available for? I am using Win 8 Profeessional, Euro edition.
  6. martienne

    Solved Proxy settings, in Internet Explorer?

    If I set a proxy to be used, in Internet Explorer, will all other applications also go through this proxy then, such as Firefox, bittorrent, Skype etc?
  7. martienne

    Can't change drive letter for DVD writer

    Hi all! In Windows Explorer, the DVD RW drive appears as "E". I want it to be "Z". Normally this is easily changed in "Disk Management". But when I open Computer Management > Disk Management, I do not see the DVD RW drive. Just to clarify this is a physical disk (no virtual drive). I know I...
  8. martienne

    Can't copy over user folder to another drive

    My user folder seems to have some corrupt files in it. It's 8 GB after a significant reduction in junk building up over the years. Now I want to copy it to another drive but it hangs at 40% through. Can't figure out why but suspect corrupt file names (too long) and possibly other corrections...
  9. martienne

    Can't change the Metro (win 8 start) background colour

    I've managed to figure out how to do it - despite staying clear of Metro through using a third party normal start menu. When I press the correct item in metro to customise the colour, absolutely nothing happens. Any idea what could be wrong? I know I can hack this colour straight in the...
  10. martienne

    Solved Cannot cancel scheduled task - user account does not exist

    I have some scheduled tasks that I set up with another user account that no longer exists. Even though my current user account is an administrator, I am unable to remove these scheduled task, or (as far as I can see) change user to my current user. Previously I was getting the error message...
  11. martienne

    Language bar not displaying despite multiple languages

    Problem 1) The language bar isn't displaying. I have 3 languages installed and need to be able to switch between them. Problem 2) But right now I am only able to type with American English input - I want to get rid of this layout completely but it keeps returning after I remove it. Proof...
  12. martienne

    System fonts have changed - how to restore to default?

    Some of my System font setting seem to have been reset to old fonts like Arial and one of the older Mac fonts. Previously, I think, it was Segoe. This is not something I deliberately changed. I think it might have happened as I tried to solve a Microsoft Office uninstall problem with a rather...
  13. martienne

    Solved Turn off warning "Your current security settings" in IE

    In Internet Explorer which I only use for safe sites and testing (my main browser is Firefox) I am getting an annoying message which I can't get rid of - it comes back on every new page. "Your current security settings put your computer at risk". It's obscuring a not insignificant part of...
  14. martienne

    Internet Explorer Proxy Setting

    I seem to recall that when you change the proxy settings for Internet Explorer, it's not just IE you are changing. IEs proxy settings are somehow the proxy settings for other apps and the OS as well. Can anyone confirm this? What connections are affected if I add a proxy in IE?
  15. martienne

    Help with DOS syntax for file deletion

    I am looking for the correct DOS syntax to achieve the following: In folder "C:\ABC": 1) Delete ALLA folders, including their content. 2) Delete any files that are in the root of "C:\ABC" I have tried a combination of RMDIR and DEL but I am not managing to delete folders. I can't find any...
  16. martienne

    Solved Bat script to delete flash cookies - I can't get it right!

    Hi! I am trying to set up a script to delete flashcookies on a daily basis as I don't want corporations, spammers and spooks to track me online.. The flash cookies are saved here: D:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects Often they are inside a folder, so the...
  17. martienne

    Wrong Metro Colour shown at boot-up

    My Windows user has a pretty colour assigned in Metro and previously that was the only colour ever shown at boot-up. The Welcome screen and My avatar against that nice shade which I picked. But ever since I had to enable the Administrator account, an UGLY purple blue shade is shown for most of...
  18. martienne

    Solved Spamware installed by Download.com: What to do?

    I installed a PDF metadata editor from the formerly respectable site Download.com (CNET). Turns out they joined the DARK side: Despite me DECLINING all dodgy offers by the installer, it STILL installed a bunch of unwanted junk on my machine. I've now spent an hour on and off trying to get rid...
  19. martienne

    Solved How to increase font size on desktop icons - shortcuts

    Any idea how to do this? I am just finding old instructions for previous versions of Windows, no longer working.
  20. martienne

    Solved Turn off auto-hiding of open windows and showing desktop?

    Every now and then as I use the computer, all windows disappear and only the desktop is showing. I know this is supposed to be helpful somehow, but I find it incredibly irritating and want to turn it off. I think it's got some gimmicky name, but I can't recall it right now. Hoping somebody...