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  1. Jerryw

    Solved How to start a new Microsoft hot mail account !

    My brother needs to get a Microsoft hot mail account !
  2. Jerryw

    Solved delete confirmation !

    Can someone tell me how to do away with the delete confirmation please in windows 8.1 and windows 10 ! Thank you for now !
  3. Jerryw

    F8 not working for safe mode ?

    Hi My F8 is not working to get to safe mode or to the advance tools does Windows 8 have this option ? Windows 8 Pro Media Center 64 bit upgrade on my Dell XPS 430 Desktop PC with SSD drive . It has just one partition I have reinstalled to have the service partition also and it does not work ...
  4. Jerryw

    Solved 64 Bit IE ?

    Hi How do I get IE 64 Bit working as a desktop icon ? I have tried to make a short cut for it that does not work , and I did try copy and past it there that did not work also . It only shows up as IE 32 Bit :rolleyes: Thanks for your help. Jerry W. Edit Windows 8 CP did not add I am...