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  1. Gort

    Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN??

    Sure, as I have done. But there are people, rightly or wrongly, who feel intimidated by directly editing the Registry, so an executable that simply is a one-click operation to make the changes, as well as the fact that it doesn't need to be installed to run, is good for their needs. Still...
  2. Gort

    Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN??

    This won't work for those who've already been tricked into the upgrade, but for those still worrying about the issue, it might be worth installing Steve Gibson's Never 10, which will stop the upgrade to Windows 10 from either Win7 or Win8.1. It's just an executable that changes registry settings...
  3. Gort

    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    Yeah, I can confirm this. I didn't install the update, leaving it till official information was forthcoming, but it's now disappeared. Makes one wonder what happened to those who actually installed it?
  4. Gort


    Are you sure that the source of that article wasn't someone who'd benefit from such hyperbolic muck spreading? Got any credible evidence that such fears are justified? Quite. Hope you follow your own advice, too, and not get your info through hysterical articles that have an interest to spread...
  5. Gort

    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    It might well be, but that post seemed to be a conversation with a bot. The "That's Awesome" remark after the person said that he or she had to format their computer because Windows 10 made it unusable does seem telling. Mind you, on that same thread, someone says it's probably about Active...
  6. Gort

    Solved Updates KB3103709 and KB3115224. Should I install these?

    KB3115224 - "Reliability improvements for VMs that are running Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012 host" The above seems related to virtual machine installations. As for KB3103709, it's still a mystery. It's crazy that MS hasn't come up with a description page for this update. Makes...
  7. Gort


    It's generally rated as one of the top anti-virus programs out there and well recommended. There are others, but you won't go too far wrong with Kaspersky. I use it myself and have no major complaints.
  8. Gort

    Restart slow on windows 8.1 1.9 ghz i3 hdd

    Be aware that a shutdown with Fast Startup isn't a true shutdown, but more of a hibernate; that's why it's fast. Previous to Fast Startup, you'd find that shutdown and then a start took some time (analogous to doing a restart). It's a restart that performs a true shutdown and then a true...
  9. Gort

    Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN??

    Another way is to uninstall the update KB3035583, which is responsible for the notifying and downloading of W10, and hide it (also worth uninstalling KB2976978, too). To ensure it doesn't get offered again and reinstalled, you should either untick the option in Windows Update to treat...
  10. Gort

    System backup prior to Windows 10

    At the very least, you should select the option, "Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows." That'll ensure that, as it says, it'll backup all the partitions needed to make a working backup of Windows.
  11. Gort

    Solved What is Windows update KB3112148

    The update's page is now up. Its title is: "December 2015, cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems." At least it's not Windows 10 related. ;)
  12. Gort

    Solved What is Windows update KB3112148

    Same boat. I can't understand why MS can't put the update's info page up seconds before putting the update out... Like previous times, you'll just have to wait till someone remembers to put the page up. Until then, I won't be installing it.
  13. Gort

    Is Windows 10 Good To Upgrade To?

    Yes. Press Windows Key and the S key to search, then type "PC Info" (no quotes) in the search box. The info should be found there. You can also press the Windows Key and X at the same time, then click on System, where you should find similar information.
  14. Gort

    Solved Macrium Reflect - what is 'PBR image NTFS Primary'

    It's your manufacturer's factory restore image. If you ever decide to restore your system back to the way it was when you bought your machine, then the manufacturer's restore application will be looking in that partition for the restore material. It should be nearly full, otherwise it'd be a...
  15. Gort

    shortcut for at on keyboard

    Seeing that you're probably using a UK keyboard, considering the flags below your user name that suggest you come from Ireland and/or the UK, then you should find that the @ key is created by holding the shift key and pressing the key that has the apostrophe, which is two keys right of the L...
  16. Gort

    Is Windows 10 Good To Upgrade To?

    As a poster mentioned above, the best thing to do if you're not sure is to do a system backup (I notice that there's a free offer for the paid version of EaseUS ToDo Backup Home on this site in the General Support part that might be of interest, in this regard), then once that's done you can...
  17. Gort

    New Windows Optional Updates

    Installed them all, as most seemed helpful and the others innocuous. Mind you, the only issue was that when Windows was restarting and in the shutting down phase, the busy round dots moved onto the far left of the screen, when they're usually central. Starting up, the dots and all were in their...
  18. Gort

    Solved security updates

    There's nothing wrong with KB2919355, at least in relation to Windows 10 being downloaded or installed. I'd install it, as it fixes important security issues and bugs, while having nothing to do with Windows 10. The update to mostly watch out for is KB3035583, while KB2976978 is probably...
  19. Gort

    Optional update kb3107998 for certain Lenovo computers

    Got a Dell here, yet was served the same recommended update.
  20. Gort

    Solved How to remove pre-installed MS Office program ?

    Well, I don't own an ASUS, but I removed most of the bloatware on the Dell laptop I'm using right now. The only thing I kept was Dropbox, but that might be going sooner or later.